Resistance 2 Teaser Trailer Hits Tonight

It sounds like tonight's episode of GameTrailer's TV with Geoff Keighley is going to be a must watch. Not only will they be showing the first gameplay footage of Yoda and Darth Vader as playables in Soul Calibur IV, but they will be premiering the teaser trailer for Resistance 2 from Insomniac Games.

The show will also include the latest trailer for Midway's TNA iMPACT!: The Videogame, a Don King hosted bit of footage from Don King Presents Prizefighter and a look at some new gameplay from the Bourne Conspiracy.

The show airs tonight at midnight... or is that tomorrow morning at midnight? It will also be popping up on and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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decapitator3844d ago

Guys just a quick note. Its a TEASER and so you shouldn't be expecting MEGATONS. One of the developers just confirmed that, at the end of the video a date will be given for when we can expect an extended version of that trailer.

Thats all.

chaosatom3333844d ago

Are they going to update psn network with trailer?

sonarus3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

in the random release schedule, a trailer for resistance was included so my guess is when the store goes online we will get a chance to see this.

Yea i know its a teaser but i just want to see the improvements they have made in the visuals.

On a side note i know resistance is a much bigger game but anyone realize we will be seeing some yoda and darth vader gameplay action as well. We will finally have an idea of how they fight. Thats something else to look forward too.

7tH_iLLMaTiKz3844d ago

Going to see this & get my DS3....


decapitator3844d ago

"Remember, it is a teaser. Not a full trailer with tons of gameplay, narration and exposition.

Though we do promise you that at the end of the teaser, you will know exactly when you will get the full footage reveal."

sonarus3844d ago

If you are watching on spike it airs at midnite. Ppl in the east will see it 3hrs ahead of ppl in the west

fenderputty3844d ago

along with a solid date for MEGATON info, I'll be more then happy.

Adamalicious3844d ago

I'm sure it will be on PSN eventually, but they aren't updating it again until next week when the new store launches - supposedly the 17th.

sonarus3844d ago

i'm pretty sure we will see more at E3. R2 is sony's big shooter for the yr. With msoft showing gears, i am sure sony would want to also make a big splash with their big shooter as well. Since killzone 2 is probably still in pre pre pre omega alpha dawn state i doubt that will be the shooter sony would like to debut during their presentation.

Amp3844d ago

didnt know the time, now DVR set

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Breakfast3844d ago

How bout we dont approve this...and wait a couple of hours and approve the actual trailer?

Exhaust3844d ago

I thought the same thing but its still like 5 hours.

Might as well remind people if they forgot. Can't wait to see it but forgot about it myself.

I'm sure it will be short but its still megaton.

Lord Anubis3844d ago

i hope is not a 3 sec teaser :(

decapitator3844d ago

Nah...but the gameplay might be about that amount though...:(

SIX3844d ago

So i'm not getting my hopes up.

Jack Meahoffer3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

This game has to live up to more hype than KZ2. I have more faith in Res 2 based on the first games.

Interested to see this.

fenderputty3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

but it isn't tons of hype. People aren't screaming "GAME OF THE YEAR OMGWTFROTFLBBQ", like they are with MGS4, GTA4 and GEoW 2. People are just pleasantly awaiting and excited for what they know will be a rock solid title. Insomniac is an awesome developing company and, the game seems to improve a lot on the first game as far as features are concerned. Why would anyone think otherwise? Why shouldn't people be excited to see this?

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