Violent Video Games - The Worst of the Worst

Horror novelist Stephen King recently caused a stir when he wrote in his Entertainment Weekly column that violent videogames shouldn't be banned – merely that parents should "have the guts" to tell their kids they wouldn't be allowed to play them.

Video game violence is a touchy topic amongst many – but what are the worst of the worst? Here's a quick list of the five most objectionable games of the past twenty-five years.

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decapitator3843d ago

I finished manhunt 2 last week. It wasn't bad at all but yeah, its definitely not a child's game.

Torch3843d ago

-Postal (PC - "I regret nothing!")
-GTA (PC - What started it all)
-Fantasmagoria (PC - disturbing rape footage)
-Smurf Massacre (C-64 - Soo wrong, but felt so right!)

demonrock3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I think violence in a game is actually a good thing. People have to know that games that have violence are intended for adult audiences only and if they somehow manage to fall in to younger hands, the parents are to blame and after the parents it then comes down to the stores that are stupid enough to rent or sell to minors. Just like guns, drugs, sex, alcohol and cigs, anyone can get their hands on them these days especially when your young. I think these people who say violent games are bad our actually trying to blame the problems these kids have on videogames. Its easy to pass the blame. And what do these kids learn, absolutely nothing. The learn to take no repsonibility for their actions. A game does not teach someone how to kill, anyone with a brain is capable of doing harm in anyway possible. The one thing we all possess is imgagination(creativity), and with that anything can happen. So game designers have the best imagination(creativity) when coming to designing games with violent nature, but its only fantasy. Even though we can take control of the characters in the game, it is still a game. We are all responsible for our own actions, the games are not the cause. Even the nicest people can crack at some point. It may be from the way they are treated. Anyone who can easily blame a game for the violence, as saying it is the cause are really the ones to blame for the way the world is. You take away responsibilty from all those who need it and come up with your own theory. When someone commits an act of violence, its the person who is at fault not anything or anyone else.

Megaton3842d ago

Ah, Thrill Kill. The game that originally sparked my hatred for EA.

I'm surprised they mentioned Carmageddon. No one ever talks about those games. I kinda wanna go find my copy of Carmageddon 2 now...

MK_Red3842d ago

Carmageddon rocked. I didn't like the sequels much but the original is still a blast.

I'm with you on TK. That's one awesome fighter that EA killed.

psnDevistator3563842d ago

They should of also put postal and soldier of fortune. Ah those games bring back such great memories.

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