Grand Theft Radar: Could GTA IV disappoint?

You've heard the hype. Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be amazing... monumental... revolutionary... life changing... world altering... universe shifting... the best game of the year, if not the best thing in the history of EVER.

Or is it...?!

Well, yes, probably. GTA IV, however, won't be perfect. Even now, more than two weeks ahead of release, we can predict a dozen reasons the sequel might bug you, bother you or just plain disappoint you. Some are legitimate and some are stupidly nitpicky, but for fans accustomed to the absolute best, all merit and deserve discussion. Recalibrate your expectations accordingly...

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Gazman3841d ago

The only way GTA IV can disappoint is if EGAY has secretly bought out take two and had it totally reprogrammed it to the point were every time you go can do something wrong Jack Thompson pops up and starts screaming "NO NO NO that is wrong". Then after that happens the game locks up and you can not play it for one month.

Silellak3841d ago

For some reason the image of Jack Thompson'S head popping up made me think of the "Toasty!" guy from MK2.

*fires a rocket launcher into a crowded intersection*


ElementX3841d ago

There's no need to use the word "gay". Sure it rhymes, but be respectful.

decapitator3841d ago

Yes it can BUT the potential to succeed is much greater than its short comings so am confident it will be a hit.

TheSadTruth3841d ago

The new slang for not living up to expectations is:

"Pulling a Halo 3"

sonarus3841d ago

Damn these guys just love to make top 10 lists

ElementX3841d ago

I don't see why people have to be disrespectful and use the word "gay". I'm gay and it bothers me. I don't go around and saying things are ghetto black or "don't jew me". Why can't people use normal language and be respectful of everyone?

sonarus3841d ago

Well try to understand Gazman didn't mean it in an offensive manner.

ElementX3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Ok. I won't be so sensitive, however, I still think people should use words that aren't offensive to others. I mean, if everyone respected others, there wouldn't be so many problems in the world.

Ok, so I just thought up the "ghetto black" thing, but I wanted to make an example of how words can be offensive, even if you don't mean it.

Official General3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

LOL this is real funny man. Im surprised he's only said something now, there has been many gay insults flying around up in here like it's the norm.

On a more serious note though.....

@ ElementX - you gay people need to stop comparing being gay to belonging to a racial group other than white (ie. black, jewish latino). I'm black and straight and I hate it when you gays do this. Stop acting like you share the same struggle as us. You're white (I assume) and you dont have to deal with what alot of blacks go through. Just because you're gay, it's not like you HAVE TO advertise your sexuality as an invitation for discrimination, you have a choice and an opportunity to escape it. Our skin colour as black people marks us for discrimination from day one of our first breath in this world/society. We do NOT HAVE that choice or opportunity to change the fact that we are black (not that we would want to, just making a point for the subject). You cannot choose to be black, but you certainly can choose to be gay, so dont put us in the same boat ya heard?

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Silellak3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

The people at Gamesradar really need better things to do.

This entire article boils down to "Here's why this kinda sucks...EXCEPT IT DOESN'T."

We get it. The game is f***king incredible. Stop rubbing in that you've played it, and we haven't.

chaosatom3333841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

The sandbox has shrunk - how big city is not relevant per se, as along as it has varied missions and can take different routes, then it's cool. They also need a basis for GtaV tho, so they could expand on it.

You won't recognize the music - not recognizing music doesn't mean that you won't like it.

You won't recognize the controls- controls would be fine, just need to get used to them like any other game.

The plot's not as fun- This would would suck if it did, but they have no frigging proof that it does.

The protagonist's not as fun - I never really connected to gta character before that much anyway. As far as i know, Every frigging review says otherwise.

You've been grounded - I think this is one feature that will hurt GTA, not having planes and other stuff.

The customization is limited - I am uncertain about this. I liked the minigames tho in the gym and stuff.


Mr_Kuwabara3841d ago

Gamesradar, just stop, please stop. You always do top [insert amount # here] countdowns then you create crappy articles..... just stop!

LightningPS33841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Gonna be a great game but there's too much hype. It's not possible to live up to that kinda hype.

Even games that disappoint like Halo 3, still get recieved great by the media. It's not gonna dissapoint in that form. But being honest, I doubt it can really live up to what my expectations.

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