Do we really know how dangerous video games are?

SeattlePi writes:

"I admit I was a little horrified when I saw an ad for "Grand Theft Auto IV," complete with a puking, drunk avatar when I was watching "Rob & Big" the other night. But as I pick away at my video gaming story I'm realizing we don't have a clear idea how dangerous these graphic video games are."

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Jinxstar3840d ago

I call BS.
If you can put it in movies you should be able to put it in games.
If you can write it in a book it should be in a game.
If you can put it in a play of some kind you should be able to put it in a game.
Why are games tagged as bad when an influential real life person like paris hilton gets idolized by youth and someone puking in a game gets shunned when it is supposed to be played by a mature audience.

demonrock3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Its called imagination, its called creativity. Who cares if its considered dangerous. If you can't stand the violent nature of these games that are catered to adults, don't play them. Why is it that it is so easy to say that a game with violent content is actually dangerous. Wake up, the world is full of this and thats what should scare the hell out of you. A game is mere fantasy. It cannot teach you how to do of these things because anyone is capable of anything you can imagine. I have watched the most violent of movies, played the most violent of games, read the most violently detailed books and listened to death metal music fully of anger and hate. But has it left an impact on me, absolutely not. When you experience this in a game, you no its not real. But, because you interact they feel the game is responsible for the actions of others, which in one word is total BS.