Turn your game console into a media hub

The Good: Universal plug-and-play (UPnP) application; works with all three video game consoles and other IP-enabled devices; no real limits to how much content you can accumulate with the software

The Bad: Graphical user-interface isn't the sleekest; learning curve might be intimidating at first, particularly when it comes to Web content; still no Mac or Linux support.

The Verdict: Bringing all that PC and Web content to your TV at the same time.

One of the biggest unknowns for someone who owns both a computer and next-gen video game console is that the two devices can talk to each other. You just need the right software to bridge them together.

TVersity is a well-known application among those who've shown a real interest in utilizing the IP-enabled features that are built into their game consoles. The software makes it easy to stream video and audio files you have stored on your computer, so that you can watch or listen to them on your living room big screen TV.

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Spinner3895d ago

... Why's he using the stupid web browser interface on the PS3 (or even 360) ... can't you just open media servers via their respective OS's?

DRUDOG3895d ago

This article is like a freaking ad for TVersity...

bakasora3895d ago

TVersity is good, it allow me to watch video without having the actual file on the PS3 itself. But it need to fix like video cropping issue.

forcefullpower3894d ago

Windows media player 11 does all the same functions as tversity.

Realy don't see the point in it.