HaloRadar: Legendary Maps Preview, Q&A, Videos and More

HaloRadar writes: "Have you heard? Halo 3, the game so big it's inspired millions of multiplayer matches and over two dozen HaloRadars thus far, is due for an expansion. On Tuesday, April 15, the game will be updated with three new maps in a downloadable pack labeled "Legendary."

For 800 Microsoft points (or $10), you'll receive the arenas Blackout, Avalanche and Ghost Town. But this weekend, we're diving way deeper than a simple series of names. To help you prepare for the fresh dose of mayhem, and to help if you decide if the pack is even worth the money, we've got everything you need. Read on for tips, strategy and expert guide videos from Bungie... plus our analysis, impressions and custom gameplay footage. Let's go!"

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