10 Great Xbox Shooters That No One Played

Whether it's poor marketing, poor media coverage, or just pure bad luck, some games end up not getting the recognition they deserve. Now, with the original Xbox being a figment of a past generation, we go for a stroll down memory lane and reminisce the great shooters that happened to fly under the radar.

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decapitator3894d ago

Wait...Max Payne 2 was on the Xbox ?

FLOPbox 3603894d ago

They mean nobody played on Xbox. PS2 sold a ton.

sonarus3894d ago

i played max payne 2 on pc. Pretty good game. I would say even though it is last gen, it is still better than stranglehold

poopface13894d ago

I rented MP2 on xbox. It was pretty short and easy for me. I bought riddic used and was actually really surprised when I found out how good it was. On the back it says "best grafx on xbox" and that was probaly true. After I got a 360 I tried to play it again but it wasnt BC. I wonder why???? ohh because they want to remake it so they make that one not work on 360.

dragunrising3894d ago

Actually, they are not making Chronicles of Riddick backwards compatible for other reasons. One reason: the graphics are excellent and harder to emulate. The original Xbox had an Nvidia graphics chip; the 360 uses an ATI. Many Xbox games are not backwards compatible because of this obviously. Taking in consideration how hard COR pushed the Xbox it should make sense why it isn't BC. Also, Chronicles of Riddick is coming out for PS3 and 360 to reach the audience it never found last generation. It deserves to sell well, as it is a gem of a game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Max Payne looked and played better on the Xbox, much like games on the current gen. Max Payne floped everyware, thats why the franchise almost ended, nice try though.

TheKungFool3893d ago

Nice pathetic little jab about things looking better on XBOX, its just too bad nobody cared and still bought a PS2, lol.

poopface13893d ago

It looked and ran like crap. The xbox was a little better. Both sucked though compared to the pc. I made fun of my friends who had MP1 on xbox and ps2.

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GCO Gamer3894d ago

Red Dead Revolver??????? it came out for xbox?????

decapitator3894d ago

Dude I have no idea...color me surprised.

Z F1GHT3RS3893d ago

yeak it did
i still got it.
GUN was better though

Frag Monger3894d ago

Good call on XIII. I still need to finish that game. LOL I like the style, I just got too 'busy' w/ ohter games at the time & never got back to it.

PSI Ops was OK too, but I just never played it beyond the demo.

ericnellie3894d ago

I thought XIII was a pretty cool game but was too busy with other games to finish it;) I do have to say, I didn't like brute force at all! The Chronicles of Riddick was awesome too!

Dpa3894d ago

XIII was great but a bit simplistic and on rails.

heyheyhey3894d ago

why Xbox?

all those were on PS2 bar Escape From Butcher Bay

and yeah, i didnt know RDR was on Xbox

InMyOpinion3894d ago

Why not? This is News 4 Gamers after all. Not News 4 Playstation.

General Pinky3893d ago

Man..some people here dont get it...this is not sony website...this is N4G.COM = News For Gamers
Not = News For PS2/3
Get it..
and guys brute force was good..maybe you guys did not play it for to long..anyways i think microsoft needs to remake that game...maybe they are...who knows...they dont tell till the game is coming out in a years time...unlike other companies

LaChance3894d ago

riddick was great and the graphincs were MINBLOWING , completely OUTSATNDING.I cant believe this game didnt sell , there really was no reason for it to flop.

heyheyhey3894d ago

two reasons:

1) it was on the Xbox only

2) every shooter was overshadowed by Halo

kewlkat0073894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

you act like the PS brand is sononymous with shooters or something...

What the highest selling "Shooter" on a PS console ever?

It's fair to say Xbox is well known for shooters, now being overshadowed by halo is somewhat correct.

heyheyhey3894d ago


i meant the install base

im not sure what the install base was when Riddick came out, but since it topped out at 25mil it cant have been more than 20mil

of those 20mil, most were primarily PS2 gamers anyway and just bought an Xbox to play (you guessed it) Halo and didnt bother with many other games that came out for it

tony3894d ago

riddick is in my top 5 list ever. i don't know either why it wasn't as big as halo. oh, i know no multiplayer. duh.

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