10 Features That Should Be In Every Modern Shooter

Carnagereport writes:

"At this point in the gaming timeline, we'd expect game developers to know what features are the most important to us. Unfortunately, due to strict deadlines and other industry-related pressures, developers usually don't have time to implement everything we'd like to see, and sometimes even leave out the features we're most interested in. Here are ten features we'd like to see included in every modern shooter."

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toughNAME3845d ago

EVERY game should have a replay feature.

sonarus3845d ago

This list is completely stupid

decapitator3845d ago

"Weapons that Function Realistically and Feel Powerful" - Would like to add and controls well.

justgamez3845d ago

That would be a welcomed addition for me.

yanikins1113845d ago

I know hey. Every console these days has usb ports(wii? Dunno). Why we are still getting shooters without mouse and keyboard support, I dont know.

Nitrowolf23845d ago

#1 i would like, online splitscreen
and mouse and keyboard support would be nice

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The story is too old to be commented.