Smart Ways to Use Mozilla Firefox

PC World writes:

"My buddy Mike M., started pestering me. "You're still using that pile of junk browser?" he wrote, referring to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Yes and no, I told him. I'm still using Maxthon 1.0, that marvelous browser that sits on top of IE. It works fine, I said, and no, I insisted, I'm not switching to Mozilla Firefox.

It didn't stop him from telling me about two add-ons to Firefox that he finds extremely useful, so I decided to pass along Mike's pearls."

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MikeGdaGod3844d ago

this was alot of help. lots of old but good info. i just added 3 add-ons because of this story.

ustayclassyn4g3844d ago

pretty nice features, thanks for the info LordA