Video: the PS3 Laptop in action

The PS3 Laptop in action.

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Real gamer 4 life3894d ago

LOL that was a funny video especially in the beggining. But wait that ps3 lap top is hot? IS that forreal?

Milky3894d ago

lol listen at the xbox 360 clatter like a plasticy piece of plastic.

THC CELL3894d ago

Is thats real ?

i want one fast

INehalemEXI3894d ago

I want to see it run with out a plug before I add to my wishlist though.

Real gamer 4 life3894d ago

But is it forreal? I want one quick! Where can i get it who do i talk to? It looks like its official. IS sony holding back on us again? Yo if they would had release the ps3 like that i would had bough it in a heart beat. That machine is beautiful!

spandexxking3894d ago

of course its not real! hahaha! calm down :P

gonzopia3894d ago

It's real, but it's a custom mod job, so you can't buy one. This guy Heck has done the same thing with the Wii and the 360... as well as a whole ton of over hacks. You can find out more at Wiki.

MaximusPrime3894d ago

LMAO, The start of the video LOL

He literally pushes the xbox 360 off the table. LOL

PMR_213894d ago

surprised he even owns the disaster that is the 360

GiantEnemyCrab3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

It was an empty case with no insides, I'd like to see him do that to the 360 that is under his TV.

But I bet that will get all the fishhead fanboys little holes wet.

Yeah the disaster that has put the POS3 in last place this gen. Now go wait!

MaximusPrime3894d ago

lol someone disagreed with my comment. So in another word, you didnt see the video you lazy idiot.

Crazyglues3894d ago

When he pushes that 360 to the floor, I just could not stop laughing...

This video has to be the coolest thing I've seen all day, that would be amazing if Sony made a PS3 laptop.. He did a really nice job looks amazing...

FLOPbox 3603894d ago

LOLOLOL The 360 gets treated like the secondhand console it has become.

Iron Man 23894d ago

LOL just like Xzombies,the Xbox 3rd60 is everyones b*tch!

And Xbox consoles WERE harmed during the making of the video,they just don't want to make you zombies cry...LMFAO!XD

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Xlll3894d ago

i want one lol and lol @ the 360

FLOPbox 3603894d ago

Hey you better stop it!! Don't make fun of me!!

Xlll3894d ago

don't make me push you off a table again

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The story is too old to be commented.