PS4 will set the standard for games

Sony is sending out a message for PS4 and that message is, GAMES! GAMES! GAMES!

Not only will you be getting a ton of games, you’ll be getting a varied range from indies to AAA blockbuster, from cel-shaded to eye-melting almost-photo-realistic-but-not -quite graphics. The amount of games coming is amazing which makes us feel like gaming kings being able to pluck the fruit of games from what genre tree we choose. Sony is creating the perfect gaming orchard.

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ArchangelMike3503d ago

Thinking about it, PS3 definately set the benchmark for games last gen. I have no doubt that Sony will continue setting the standard for games on the PS4.

PS4. Naughty Dog. Sony Santa Monica. Nuff said.

Twignberries3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

+1 to you sir!

After seeing what ND did with The Last of Us in terms of storytelling, viscerally believable animation, amazing gameplay with such dated hardware, it's going to be absolutely mind blowing what they'll achieve with the ps4. And that's UNDERhyping the fact!

amnalehu3503d ago

Yep! And the PS3 raised it!

black0o3503d ago

PSOne set it then ps2 raised it

Wizziokid3503d ago

Agreed with Devs like Naughty Dog working on it the PS4 is going to showcase some amazing games.

MWong3503d ago

Just give me something from Santa Monica, Naughty Dog & Media Molecule. I will be very happy.

JunioRS1013503d ago

Dude never neglect Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) or Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet). Both were absolutely as incredible as they were unique.

Sony is just good at stepping outside of the safe zone and making it great.

Think about how innovative LBP, Heavy Rain, and TLoU were... Those games were a complete risk, but the studios are just so talented that they make it work perfectly.

I love Sony.

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Sky Lazarus3503d ago

Repeat of last gen. Sony breeds quality, MS breeds quantity.

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CrossingEden3503d ago

Is that why most of Sony's "exclusives" are pc indie games?

ZodTheRipper3503d ago

Did you miss this/last gen?
Better prepare yourself for the sh*tload of disagrees that's coming for that comment.

JunioRS1013503d ago

How many 10/10s has Microsoft given us? Literally answer my question dude.

Sony gave us 3 that I can remember, The Last of Us, Uncharted 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4.

I'm pretty sure Microsoft hasn't had any 10/10 exclusives yet.

Do you think that's a coincidence or...?

CocoWolfie3503d ago

psst those "pc indie games" are some of the finest and some of the best selling games, so yeah.

MysticStrummer3503d ago

"Is that why most of Sony's "exclusives" are pc indie games?"

If you want to discount three generations worth of evidence and judge PS4 by it's launch titles alone, that's your business but I think most reasonable people would recognize that as foolish.

kayoss3503d ago

Acutally i think i rather be playing "PC Indie" games. What will you be playing on your 360? Oh wait, are you still playing Halo 4, and Madden 13 on your 360?

Tontus3503d ago


So IGN have to give a game a 10/10 before you feel comfortable enough with your opinion on it to start a dick measuring contest on the internet?

Many Microsoft published games have got tons of perfect 10/10 scores, the same way many of Sony's exclusives have although not from IGN so God of War III, Uncharted 2, Journey, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, Infamous, Killzone 2 etc must be just as unworthy as M$'s games, right?

Stop trying to put Microsoft exclusives down as if a lot of them aren't highly acclaimed titles You can be a Sony fan, as I predominantly am, and still appreciate & respect great games from Sony's competition instead of crawling up IGN's arse to pull out a few 10s they've given a couple of PS exclusives.

Also MGS4 isn't published by Sony, it's Konami.

Twignberries3502d ago

@CrossingEden Serious question. Are you fucking retarded?

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Wizziokid3503d ago

TBH from the previous few years I would of said sony breed Quality and Quantity

OlgerO3503d ago

Quantity ? microsoft hasnt put out a first party game in ages

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gedden73503d ago

Yeh... Sure..

I can't wait to play a NEW Uncharted for PS4 or at least see it!

Hicken3503d ago

If the software side of things for the next gen follows what happened this gen, it'll definitely set the standard.

Frankly, the awards, honors, and accolades afforded Sony PlayStation exclusives this gen makes it hard to argue against that, but people will, anyway.

DiRtY3503d ago

"Sony is sending out a message for PS4 and that message is, INDIE GAMES! INDIE GAMES! INDIE GAMES!"


Clarence3503d ago

M$ sending out a message TV,TV,TV,TV,TV,TV,TV,TV,TV,TV, TV,TV


Gamingcapacity3503d ago

I would like to say that a lot of fine games have come from the indie scene. Limbo, Braid and Bastion are just a few example of great games that got a lot ot attention, even more so when they were on xbox live and not PSN.

A lot of great games come from the indie scene and it's pretty silly to downplay that.

DiRtY3503d ago

Okay, add Journey, Minecraft, Trials, Castle Crashers and you basically mentioned all the good games for the entire generation of 8 years.

DigitalRaptor3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

@ DiRtY

Trine / Trine 2 - great games.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent - really great game.
Dear Esther - great game.
Hotline Miami - great game.
The Binding of Isaac - great game.
The Unfinished Swan - great game.
PixelJunk - great games.
Guacamelee - really great game.
Papo & Yo - good game.
Thomas Was Alone - great game.
Closure - good game.
Limbo - great game.
Bastion - really great game.
Braid - great game.
Mark of the Ninja - great game.
Machinarium - good game.
FTL: Faster Than light - really great game.
Don't Starve - great game.
Tales from Space series - good games.
Super Meat Boy - great game.

I could go ON and ON.

RIME - looks fantastic, like a mix of Ico and Journey.
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - looks great.
Outlast - looks great.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - got great reviews.
Resogun - looks amazing.
Dreamfall Chapters - sequel to critically acclaimed series. looks great.
Shadow of the Eternals - looks great.
Primal Carnage: Genesis - looks great.
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - looks great.

Just because you only play the ones you've heard of doesn't mean sh*t about how good the rest of them are. But boy, we'd all know how great indie games on XB1 would be if they were actually a talking point for its fanboys or of true relevance to Microsoft.

If Sony are going to get mocked by Xbox fanboys for this whole generation for their intense support of indie developers, then damn... what a compliment that is. Sony's first party studios, and their second and third party bonds are going nowhere either.

MysticStrummer3503d ago

Sure, there are a lot of indies in PS4's future, and I would prefer to have one or two more AAA titles in the launch lineup, but that shouldn't do away with three generations of evidence that shows Sony brings the games.

Maybe they should have converted a PS3 title to a PS4 launch title like MS is doing with Ryse. That would pad the lineup, but personally I'd rather see titles built from the ground up on the new systems.

We don't know how either console's game roster will look by the end of next gen. All we have to go on is history. Going by that, Sony wins.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx3503d ago

You're crazy. Sony has 14 first party studios making games. Sure they are inviting Indie games but that is nowhere near the only exclusives they have coming out. EPIC TROLL FAIL!

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