Battlefield 4 Runs At 720p On PS4, Dashes Hopes of A 1080p Generation

"Battlefield 4 will only run at 720p on PS4, upscaled to 1080p instead of running at the higher resolution natively. Good news, however, is that the game will manage to keep a “solid” frame rate of 60FPS."


To clarify: BF4 running at a higher resolution than 720p in the PS4 dev environment. Final resolution when the game is optimised at launch!

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allformats2794d ago

Nothing to say here. I'm still getting it, but I'm a tad bit disappointed to be honest.

Also, is the Xbox One version running at 60fps?

Can't seem to get confirmation on that.

GamerzElite2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

EA confirmed 1080p @60FPS on Next Gen consoles, why he is creating a confusion. By the way BF4 never played on XB1, at E3 game was shown on PC. And at Gamescom BF4 demoed on PC and PS4.

EDIT: 1080p thing read on EA official forum.

JP13692794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

To my knowledge, no one has ever confirmed the resolution of consoles until now. It's a launch game though, not that surprising to see some compromises.

Edit: WB27- Where on there does it say 1080P? Oh, that's right, it doesn't even mention the resolution. If you're going to provide a link and some indignation, it would be nice if you had the slightest clue what you're talking about.

theWB272794d ago

Yes, it was confirmed when DICE FIRST said next gen would be 60fps. They didn't say one console or the other..but here's the confirmation.

morganfell2794d ago

So a 3rd party launch title doesn't run at 1080p and that dashes hope for the generation?

The sixthaxis needs hits and apparently feels idiocy is the way to achieve them.

NewMonday2794d ago

KillzoneSF MP is 1080p/60fps with great graphics

so it can be done if developers work on it.

vishmarx2794d ago

PC is a beast king without a kingdom..
a few impressive tall buildings for sure
but its mostly barren

Ju2794d ago

Ported PS3 game. Dice dropped the ball. But no wonder with EA's way to rehash what they have. Not enough time to push Frostbite to next gen, I guess. Videos don't look good, IMO. Doesn't even look 60fps. So what's the point? Even worse if it really is 720...

Raf1k12794d ago

The scale of Killzone's MP is far cry from that of BF4. It'll still look great just not as crisp as on PC.

mikeslemonade2794d ago

Battlefield 4 loosk lame. I'm unimpressed with the graphics and destructibility in this game.

CerebralAssassin2794d ago

I feel like ive seen battlefield being ran at 60fps om xbox one. Not 100% on that though. Thats pretty disappointing to see its on 720 of ps4. Im not getting a ps4 but thats pretty lame regardless. I thought stuff like that was behind us.

RegorL2794d ago

@ newmonday, it is not clear that Killzone is 1080p @ 60Hz

Notice the Killzone announcement:
"Killzone: Shadow Fall would run at 60FPS in multiplayer, and that the exclusive first-person shooter will be natively 1080p."

probably means
- 60Hz in multi player (could be 720p)
- 1080p in single player (could be 30Hz)

trafalger2794d ago

this is what xbox haters care more about, whether it's inferior to the ps4. not how much better the pc can be. long live the console wars.

the ps4 isn't even out yet and it's already falling behind the pc. imagine in 5 years the gap.

console enthusiasts should be happy the game is going to finally support way more players online and be 60fps. instead the focus always seems to be on the console wars even though the pc puts it all into perspective and makes console fanboys look silly.

amnalehu2794d ago

My guess is they could not get the Xbox One version to run at 60fps + 1080p and because of EA's tight relationship with MS, the PS4 versions of all EA games will never exceed the Xbone version. Here we go again. It's a bit bit disapointing having a 1080p set and having to play at 33% less resolution.

Kleptic2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Well i at least am happy they went with 720p at 60 over 1080p at 30...BF3 on the PS3 was the LAST time i'll ever play a fps at least multiplayer wise...

I'm all over this on PC, though...ever since AMD announced it coming free with a handful of different radeon gpu's available this fall...its too easy to pass up...built a decent PC in June, and have been purposely waiting on a good gpu for it (its just a richland APU for the time being)

Cool that GG targeted 60 fps on killzone SF's multiplayer...I would've been skipping it most likely...

ZeroX98762794d ago

more work will be needed on both PS4 and X1 to achieve 1080p 60 fps from 3rd party. they're just getting used to the new tech so we'll probably see some higher performance in a year or so.

TeaRunner2794d ago

meanwhile, call of duty ghosts runs steadily 1080p 60fps. Admittedly not with the same high detail and otherwise flair as what the battlefield series puts on, but I'd rather have something running steadily at 1080p/60fps than downgrading its performance to put on some extra graphical detail..

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2794d ago


"PC is a beast king without a kingdom..
a few impressive tall buildings for sure
but its mostly barren"

EA disagrees.
"EA financial results shows PC outperforming PS3, while digital sales rise"

nveenio2794d ago


The videos don't look 60fps because they're not. YouTube and other such video sites don't use 60fps encoding for their videos, so footage is scaled back to between 24 and 30 fps.

mewhy322794d ago

It'll probably run at 60fps on the bone but at a resolution less than 720p.

DeadlyFire2794d ago

I think 1box version should be running 60 fps as well. Could be the reason why its not at [email protected] fps. :P

Still though the amount of Levolution mass events added to the game could have something to do with not going into 1080 60fps window. PCs have big old CPUs to push all of that down the pipe. and well developers do not know enough about GPGPU compute to really utilize it in the games just yet. If they did then it would work out with results similar or better than a quad core CPU on the PC. Likely console games will see the benefits of GPGPU coding first then it will transition to PCs. Likely it won't start showing until 2014/2015 and beyond though.

Engine for the new generation likely isn't fully optimized yet either.

Lots of factors tie into that. I still game at 1200x768 for most of my games on my PC. 720 on consoles is fine with me. PC is the luxury class of gaming.

HammadTheBeast2794d ago


CoD ghosts has 20 m squared maps, and tiny 8 v 8 matches.

Meanwhile BF4 has massive kilometre long maps, vehicles, 64 PLAYERS, and wind, water, and dynamic effects.

Enough said.

BLow2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I, personally, don't really care. The games still gonna look beautiful and it's 60fps. That's the important thing right? 60fps. That's the one thing people have been bitching about. We got 64 players now as well as all the other bells and whistles.

The average person is not going to notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. This is a launch game and, unlike some of you, I will give developers a chance to REALLY work with the hardware. We are getting games like this at launch people. Just wait for next year and beyond. We are in for some treats. Some of you experts on here should apply at EA and show them how to do 1080p at 60fps. Then we wouldn't have this problem.

Quick question: What if the game ran at, lets say 56fps, but at 1080p. Would you still bitch? I think I still know the answer to that one. Some of you need to quit gaming and find another hobby. Also it this little thing called a PC if you want to run at every resolution in the world.

I really believe that if it wasn't for various sites on the net, the majority of the people wouldn't have even known or cared. Oh well, you guys have fun counting pixels on the screen. I'll be playing the actual game trying to keep my jaw off the floor at this horrible I hate this game now ugly terrible I'm not buying this crap now 720p.

Ju2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I am not talking about the framerate. BF is a slow paced game. I don't really understand why this needs to be 60fps. Twitchy shooters I get, but BF isn't a twitchy shooter. Unless Dice changed how it plays. But the videos do not indicate that change at all.

And, btw, resolution on the next gen consoles should not really matter at all. It is only limited by bandwitdh. And the PS4 has plenty of bandwidth to render [email protected]

The bottleneck is the effects and the animation/physics system - which (ATM) is cpu bound. But it takes exactly the same amount of time to animate/skin 16 bones @ 720p or 1080p - since those are vertex operations. So, if this runs [email protected] or [email protected] is totally irrelevant in regards to bandwidth - GDDR5 @ 176GB/s does not have a problem with either (unless they double the LOD - but they won't - and going by the videos they haven't).

LonDonE2794d ago

They said battlefield 4 natively renders at 720p and then up-scales to 1080p, but it runs a ROCK SOLID 60FPS!!! i think for a launch game that's fantastic, considering that dice resources are split between ps3,ps4,360, xbox1 and pc, and yet still they done well!!

As far as am concerned for next gen console gamers to get battlefield 4 at a rock solid 60fps native 720p, which is up-scaled to 1080p, with full 64 player maps, complete with bad company 2 level destruction,dynamic huge maps, multiple boats,jet ski's, tanks, jets, lav's, and filled with 64 players on one map, i think for a launch game dice has achieved some thing great!!! i am pretty sure BF5 and its sequels will be native 1080p at 60fps, because by then they would have optimized their engine to the strengths of the next gen consoles!

I cant believe some people are complaining, its funny to see, BF3 on PS3 and 360 had constant screen tearing and dipped below 30fps most of the time, and also we had less players, smaller maps, and less vehicles and destruction, but now with BF4 for the first time console players will get to experience the true battlefield experience!!

I have always known that they would make the game native 720p but a rock solid 60fps, and as long as the game up-scales to 1080p and hopefully is fully vsync I HATE SCREEN TEARING!!! then what's the problem?
Just look at cod ghosts, compare that to BF4, BF4 has much better next gen graphics,and animations, and particle effects, not to forget the awesome real time lighting!
And it has 64 players on each map, with dozens of vehicles, dynamic maps,destruction, all this and still it runs a rock solid 60fps!!
cod devs should be ashamed of themselves, and now killzone shadow fall multi player will be also 60fps, so what advantage does cod have over the competition? now that pretty much everyone is going for 60fps, even halo on xbox1, cod is going to be in serious trouble, yes it will still sell loads, but ghosts has apparently has a record low number of pre orders, maybe finally the cod players are fed up, and now that cods rivals are all at 60fps too, i suspect allot of cod only gamers will be willing to try other fps games now, since for most of my cod casual gamer friends it was the smooth controls which 60fps gives to cod which made them not like nay other shooter!

I know most of my mates made the switch to battlefield since bad company 2, i used to play battlefield 2 back in the day on pc, but bad company 2 was the game which bf games more accessible, and bf3 continued that,but some of my friends still stuck to cod because of the sluggish 30fps control's of bf3, but now that bf4 will be 60fps EVERYONE IS MAKING THE JUMP!

SilentNegotiator2794d ago is the perfect place to get GARME JUNRALIZM.

marcofdeath2794d ago

GamerzElite, Xbox One version was runnig on a PC devkit just like the PS4 is now.

HiddenMission2794d ago


How the hell can you tell from videos from the's call compression look it up.

Unless you played both games side by side and then had a PC next to those same games and played it would you be able to tell any real differences.

There is a lot of confusion today regarding a lot of topics and I think all these content creators need to take a collective pause and breath. Clarification will come when the games are in our hands in about two and a half calm down everyone.

malol2794d ago

the game runs on 60 fps on BOTH consoles

UltimateMaster2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Update on Twitter:
"Higher Resolution then 720p"

So, I'll do like those news articles and come with BS straight out of my @$*.

It's Official: Battlefield 4 WILL RUN AT 4K HD RESOLUTION!!!
They've just confirmed it on twitter!!! Loook!

Kaneda2794d ago Show
pixelsword2794d ago

@ shutUpAndTakeMyMoney:

EA isn't the whole industry, which kinda was his point; the PC doesn't have as many blockbuster games as consoles even though game performance is the best.

awi59512794d ago


Just be quite your making yourself look silly. Corridor shooters aren't a challenge to render just be quite man.

Fluke_Skywalker2794d ago

Quiet. That is all.

Spenok2793d ago

Wow... really? He says the game isn't running at 1080p, gives NO credible sources other than "my untrained eye looking at gamescom 1080p demos."

THAN goes on to say it's still unconfirmed...

What a joke and a waste of time. Stop writing, you obviously don't know what you're doing. Stop writing this flamebate dribble.

(FYI not your allformats, the OP of the article.)

Consoldtobots2793d ago

IT'S HILARIOUS to see silly kids disagree with Ju who knows exactly what he's talking about.

trywizardo2793d ago

nothing new , multiplat games had been the same for a decade 1080p on 360 and 720p on PS3 and looks like the next gen will be the same

peowpeow2793d ago

I wish I could say I've never seen a group of people so uninformed than above..

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black0o2794d ago

in term of cost/performance consoles are the best ... it's like u saying I own a car that does 200 m/h Which u'll never experience all u get is a great acceleration and u use the same roads as an economic car :P

dark-hollow2794d ago

There is a big difference between 720p and 1080p native.

This analogy is irrelevant.

TopDudeMan2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

What @dark-hollow said...

when I dropped down to 720p from 1080p on my PC, I was amazed that I actually used to play games at that resolution. I couldn't go back, now.

black0o2794d ago

u act as I u were the only one with PC .. plying on console doesn't mean we don't ply on PC as well

and plying on ur 23/32 screen doesn't come near gaming on cotch with 52 Full HD Screen

pixelsword2794d ago

Ex-console fan: "Once you go PC, you'll never go back"

Console fans: "Once you go PC, we don't want you back."

Ex-console fan: "Whatever, LOL!" *plays games*

SkullBlade1692793d ago


Just plug your PC into said 52 Full HD Screen then, it's not difficult...

Mini05102793d ago

terrible analogy lol

Objectively speaking, if someone already have a decent pc at home, then pc gaming is cheaper because all he/she needs to do is some minor upgrades.
On the other hand, if you already have an HDTV, then just buy a next gen console for gaming.

If you have nothing (e.g. I just moved), then it's preference. Hard to say which one is cheaper since it depends the hardware of PC vs HDTV price.

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Blackdeath_6632794d ago

i only have a mid range/entry level pc if my rig can run it pc will always be option 1.

Perjoss2794d ago

I agree that PC is king for many reasons. But I still cannot wait to get my hands on a PS4. Maybe even an XB1 too if they drop the price quite a bit a year or 2 after launch.

starchild2794d ago

I knew it. If it had been 1080p they would have clarified that a long time ago.

titletownrelo2794d ago

what was BF3 running at on PS3, anyone?

starchild2794d ago

Battlefield 3 on PS3 targets 30fps and renders at nearly 720p.

"Both of them render at a native 1280x704 resolution, letterboxed gently top and bottom."

" A capped 30 frames per second is the target frame-rate, meaning 33.33ms of rendering time per frame and no screen-tear. However, if it takes longer for the calculations to complete, the framebuffer is flipped during the screen refresh, resulting in screen-tear."

"the only real differentiating factor comes down to the screen-tear, where we see that some scenes operate with an advantage on Xbox 360, while others clearly perform better on the PlayStation 3"

" Once again we see no clear winner, though the earlier clips - which are more closely synchronised, do appear to show once again that the PS3 has issues with alpha. Throughout the rest of the segments, we see both versions mostly retaining their frame-rates but with varying levels of screen-tear. The final excerpt, set in one of the more open levels towards the end of the campaign perhaps hints at the larger, more expansive environments causing a few more issues for the console implementation of the Frostbite 2 technology."

bigrob9042793d ago

but really how big of a difference is 1080p anyways? i have been playing games on 720p and seeing these new games in 720p and they look fantastic. my guess is most won't even notice the difference because it only really matters on bugger tv's. but even still it's running at 60 fps and at 720p you won't complain when you are playing it, unless it somehow drops to 480p you won't really care.

awi59512793d ago

Well now i know how they will get the physics to run on these slow CPU's on console. They had to cut corners. Ill test my cards on the game and see if i can run it at 60 fps on ultra. Since it will be optimized for AMD this time i may just need a cpu upgrade and thats all. AMD better release a upgrade to the 8350 because its not going to cut it i think. My x6 overclocked runs about the same when overclocked pass 3.7Gs.

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Denethor_II2794d ago

PC for me anyway. PS4 for exclusives. Lol at Xbone.

SonyPS3602794d ago

If you're after exclusives you might not be looking in the right direction, at least for the next generation consoles it seems.

PC wins the debate either way.

MysticStrummer2794d ago

"If you're after exclusives you might not be looking in the right direction, at least for the next generation consoles"

Going by 3 gens of console history from Sony and 2 from MS, PS4 is indeed the way to go for console exclusives.

LiQuiZoN2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

PC is surely king, however my PC is worth more then some people's cars...Making it a commodity and highly impractical.

I will say that I was never impressed with how any of these PC game maker's engines ran. They are always sluggish. You have to constantly throw MOAR POWER!!! at the issue because highly optimizing it isn't cost effective.

I'd love to really see what my PC could do if ran with an engine optimized for it.

This is a typical PC title anyway, I wouldn't even touch it on a console. I'll be getting Killzone:ShadowFall for PS4 instead and BF4 on the PC.

sincitysir12794d ago

Ur too far off in the future dude.

RadioActiveTwinky2794d ago

Yaaay me an my buddy are doing the same thing. Glad we are not the only ones. Ill see you in the battlefields my friend.

Sayai jin2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I see what you are trying to say. "Worth more than some people's car"...apples to oranges. See you on KZ

JsonHenry2794d ago

Not sure why anyone thought it would be any different. A 7870m can't run BF3 on ultra settings at 1080p @60fps.

If you want to know what your consoles can do (until they get better at optimization) read the reviews of the 7870m.

Rhaigun2794d ago

No. Those reviews only work for PC application. Not in a dedicated and unified system like a console. Try again.

JsonHenry2794d ago

Yes, they pretty accurately will depict what your shiny new x86 console will be able to do. It doesn't matter how much or how fast of RAM you have. The GPU (mostly) is what makes the game look the way it does.

How far will they be able to optimize it? That remains to be seen. But certainly for now you can look at just about any 7870m review and compare performance and so far it is stacking up exactly.

This isn't some CELL setup where the end results will be unknown. This is an AMD CPU running at 1.6ghz and a video card closely based off of an AMD 7870m.

So yes, those reviews DO work for this new gen of console gaming because they are based on off of the shelf PC parts and the same instruction sets.

DarkHeroZX2794d ago

And I thought the PS4 used a 7950m which is equal to a 7850-7870.

AKS2793d ago

Bull. You can't just transpose performance of a component in a PC environment running Windows and tons of general computing stuff and claim that's the same as in a streamlined environment in a console. There's a big difference in resource utilization and efficiency.

PCs are always going to have more brute strength, especially if you have a potent multi-card setup, but if you compare a similar component in a PC and in a console, you'll get more efficiency for the same component in a console.