Loot Ninja Review: COD4 Variety Map Pack

Loot Ninja writes: "There is a general discontent with downloadable content from gamers nowadays. More frequently than not, its an attempt from a developer to grab a few extra bucks for content that probably should been packaged with the original release but withheld for the aforementioned reason. The Variety Map Pack for COD4 on the Xbox 360 (the PS3 version is identical, have not played it yet) does not meet that criteria. Activision's add-on brings gamers four new and totally different maps to further expand their already record breaking multiplayer. Furthermore, each map also seems like it was designed for a specific game type and that adds to the replayability even more.

The first map, Chinatown, is a complete rehash of Carentan from COD1 and 2. That's where the similarities end. Though the maps' skeleton remains, its skin has been completely redone. From DVD shops to markets to empty apartments, few maps give the frenzied feel that Chinatown can. There are strategically placed gun turrets as well which add to the overall wildness of the map."

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Groo3840d ago

Still waiting for the PS3 Maps... Step on the Gas Please..