Company Behind "I Love Bees" Working on Viral Campaign for Resistance 2

Kombo has learned from inside sources that a Resistance 2 Alternate Reality Game is in the works. They are currently casting for a 42 Entertainment game. 42 Entertainment is widely known for their much talked about I Love Bees ARG for the Halo franchise that lead gamers down a rabbit hole full of intrigue.

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vloeistof3840d ago

really dope there working on the dark knight virals 2 and they are so cool.



today r2 teaser geweldig

GiantEnemyCrab3840d ago

Copy the critically acclaimed HALO viral marketing for this cheap FPS wannabe.

Who says Microsoft is always copying? Geesh, MS has success with I LOVE BEES and everyone has been trying to repeat that success ever since.


niall773840d ago

sure let them do it for resistance2

Im not a fan of the viral thing but meh.