950 Yen for Newest Naruto Storm 3 DLC

The newest DLC with Dragon Sage Kabuto will cost what is an equivalent of $10.

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tayz2744d ago

To buy or not to buy, that is the question! Damn CC2 and their Storm 3 goodness!!

Snookies122744d ago

Ten bucks isn't so bad. I was expecting something around fifteen to be honest. I just hope the new story mode chapter will be somewhat lengthy. I'm thinking back to that moment in the manga, but I'm not sure just how much they're going to squeeze out of that scene.

tayz2744d ago

15 bux!?! whoa, that's highway robbery! that means we'd have to pay $65 for Storm 3. People who get Full Burst only pay $40 for that and all the DLC costumes! i was hoping for free, but $5 at most.

Kalebninja2743d ago

we get the 38 dlc costumes,the new sage kabuto story,sage kabuto to play as,revamped graphics,better cinematics,and 100 new hard missions how is that not worth it?