Direct X 10 Roundup: 160 Screenshots show what's up

In January 2007, Windows Vista hit the market. With it came Direct X 10, the latest and most advanced stuff for programmers to create games for the PC. It took until June when the very first DX10 game showed up: Lost Planet. Currently, the best-looking title is Crysis and the latest game supporting Direct X 10 is Assassin's Creed.

Windows Vista Magazine built a chronicle showing all available DX10-Games with some information and loads of screenshots. In total: 160 Hi-Res-Screenshots, some of them are showing direct comparisons between the DX9 and DX10 versions of the games. And some are just huge: 2.560 x 1.600 pixels. Titles included: Bioshock, Hellgate: London, FSX: Acceleration, World in Conflict and more.

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Mclovin964818d ago

Hahahaha the german to english translation is hilarious.

peksi4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

I remember playing Crysis with XP and it looked good. I'm figuring out you can play some of the other listed games with XP aswell with equal quality.

Pay for Vista, pay for a new computer, play same games. That's what I call a deal!

Charlie26884818d ago

Unless you are gonna go and try to hack the game I don't think you are gonna be able to activate the DX10 features of most games on XP cuz as far as I know the only game you can come close to its Crysis and even after twicking as much as you can you still can't come close to the same quality of the DX10 features specially the motion blur

gamesR4fun4818d ago

Of we pay gaming companies enough they can give you slightly better graphics to promote our crap bloat ware.
IMO windows live games is killing the pc gaming scene.