Official Grand Theft Auto IV Website Updated

Today's official site update includes the debut of the MULTIPLAYER section - with information and exclusive screenshots unveiled for all Team Modes and Race Modes, as well as two new videos featuring Playboy X and the Liberty City Gun Club.

The MUSIC section has also been updated to include the revelation of two new stations:

Electrochoc - Cutting edge sounds for the dance floor. Hosted by Francois K.

Liberty City Hardcore - Hardcore lives on in the city where it all began. Hosted by Jimmy Gestapo.

Also, check out some new points-of-interest on the Liberty City map that introduce information about:

Middle Park - People with no sense of shame exercise in public in the park.

Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster - One of the most successful law firms in Liberty City for a reason: we get results. Learn about the firm, our partners, and chat with one of our interns for free legal advice!

The Men's Room - With Bas & Jeremy. We want to know what kind of man are YOU? Take our helpful self-evaluation quiz.

Bean Machine - That ubiquitous cup of java favored all over Liberty City. Enter the Bean Machine!

ZiT - "We'll Spot the Song for You!" The revolutionary new music service.

In addition to all that, check out 6 brand new exclusive screenshots that have been added to the SCREENS section, as well as new Outdoor Series wallpapers and MySpace profile themes in the DOWNLOADS section.

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chaosatom3334781d ago

go the website. click on mulyiplayer link on bottom. and click on the screenshots.

I say that I am impressed. Everything from boats, to cars, to helicopters looks fantastic.

Buubar4781d ago

Overall a great update, the new multiplayer screenshots look nice and the ZiT feature sounds great too.

I can't wait for this game. :(

poopface14780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

then add a multiplayer that might be the best multiplayer ever. The game is long, improved, and has multiplayer now. wow. I think im going to buy this day one no matter how much money I dont have. Does anyone know if you get anything special for preordering the regular game?