Future PS3/PS Vita PlayStation Plus Free Games Discussed, DriveClub Staying Free at Least Till March

With the entire list of September 2013 PlayStation Plus free games for Europe detailed earlier today, a lot of people on the EU PS Blog asked Chris Howe, PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus Content Manager at SCEE, about the future of Plus in Europe. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1942d ago

I guess DriveClub will probably be a year long game. Or maybe they'll just keep it in there forever.

Sev1942d ago

That's what it seems like. They do tend to keep first-party titles around for a while. That's one great thing about PS Plus.

Wedge191942d ago

Plus is too amazing. I can't believe how much it offers.

spaceg0st1942d ago

huge reason why my friends and i switched from 360 to ps4

Iltapalanyymi1942d ago

cant wait to get my hands on my ps4 and 9 free games.

TheOneEyedHound1942d ago

9!? Bullshit, the xbox one will also have around 10 free games.


_FantasmA_1942d ago

And all 10 of those games are probably Halo.

Iltapalanyymi1942d ago

ahhaaha ha ha xbox only has 1 free game confirmed for launch

Red_Devilz1941d ago

No wonder you have just 1 bubble left

FamilyGuy1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I know right?
I'm seriously debating on whether I'll even buy a retail game at launch. I'll be spending a lot of time checking out the PS+ and free-2-play games first. Spend that money on their content if it's fun rather than buying retail games from the start.

KingKevo1941d ago

Good point. I do want to play Watch_Dogs, AC4, KZ SF, Knack (yeah),CoD or BF, but I will definitely not buy all of them at launch especially when I get quite a few games for free including the FTP games of which some might actually be a lot of fun.

I guess I'll just buy two games at launch and maybe a few more around Xmas.

But too many options (retail games, downloadable games, FTP games) and games to choose from really is a nice problem to have when a console launches. Best launch ever imho.

JunoDivided1942d ago

Such a great service I have gotten Hitman saints row deus ex xcom and a ton of other less known but still great games

RiPPn1942d ago

All that for less than the price of a retail game. It still seems too good to be real.

E2S1941d ago

oh crap, forgot hitman. Gotta dl it.

Philoctetes1942d ago

In before the trolls start with "It's just a rental."

mushroomwig1942d ago

Honestly that whole "renting" argument really doesn't make any sense, people don't say that about Netflix, Lovefilm or any other subscription service.

sentury1111942d ago

well, to be fair those services are advertised as such.

admiralvic1942d ago

Because they're completely different?

I get Netflix and I get the ability to stream whatever they have for the period of my subscription. Most people will watch their movie and be happy, since how many people watch THAT many movies a second time?

Plus gives you a finite number of games that you take possession of and own till your sub runs out. This is the main draw, plus most people refer to the games as being free instead of "subscription based rentals", though I don't blame anyone for saying free over that.

HammadTheBeast1941d ago

Even if you say it's a rental....

It's tons of games which you get to rent for a YEAR, all for less than the price of a retail game.

JackStraw1941d ago

@admiralvic do you understand what the word finite means? the services are exactly the same. you pay X amount of dollars to access Y amount of content for Z amount of time. when you stop paying for netflix can you still logon and watch movies?

"I get Netflix and I get the ability to stream whatever they have (THIS DOES NOT MEAN INFINITE CONTENT, IT IS STILL "FINITE") for the period of my subscription. (i.e., UNTIL YOUR SUB RUNS OUT)"

"Plus gives you a finite number of games (i.e. WHATEVER THEY HAVE) that you take possession of and own till your sub runs out. (i.e., FOR THE PERIOD OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION)"

your entire comment was one huge contradiction.

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