"F-Zero Z" a late April Fool

German site Planet-Nintendo has now admitted that it's report pertaining to a Wii version of F-Zero - entitled F-Zero Z - was a late April Fool.

Hilarious. VG247 reported on it yesterday. But it's not real. So that's that.

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sonarus3840d ago

That not even funny. Its a wii game though so i don't care :D. Yes i am a wii hater deal with it

ChickeyCantor3840d ago

Then move yourself to the openzone.....

ChickeyCantor3840d ago

Good, I hate the idea of Weapons in F-zero

BrotherNick3840d ago

Yeah, I didn't like extreme g...which reminds me of f-zero with weapons.

ChickeyCantor3840d ago

Extreme g is actually fun if you have the best engine but the weapons on the other hand.............
wasnt wipeout a race game with weapons too?