Pixar Character Designer Talks 'Assassin's Creed', 'BioShock,' And Games As Art

MTV writes:

"While at Pixar last week, I passed on the opportunity to tour the animation studio.

Instead, I spent my time speaking with "Wall-E" character designer Jason Deamer about a wind range of subjects, most them completely unrelated to his work on "Wall-E." Deamer has been at Pixar for 11 years and a gamer since the Atari 2600.

I wanted to know what a filmmaker who's not on the level of Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson thinks about games. Deamer's answers, including why he couldn't finish "BioShock" and an argument in favor of games as art, surprised me."

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Yi-Long3844d ago

... and Kung Fu Panda (not Pixar, I know)

I really wish Pixar will someday make a brilliant CGI movie based on Monkey Island 1 and/or 2, so a great, funny adventure with Guybrush.

Fishy Fingers3844d ago

Anyone watched the long Wall-E trailer in HD? Really nice.

Here if your interested

Sorry, realize thats slightly off topic.