Dan "Shoe" Hsu Leaves 1UP/Ziff Davis

Ziff Davis announced today that Dan "Shoe" Hsu, former editor-in-chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly, will be leaving Ziff Davis "to pursue personal interests." Site Director Sam Kennedy will be taking over Hsu's current role as Editorial Director of 1UP Networks.

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Condoleezza Rice3895d ago

The Ziff Davis group just recently filed for bankruptcy,I wouldn't be surprised if more employees left.

decapitator3895d ago

Yeah gotta agree with Rice, this is the second 1UP member to leave this year. First it was Brian Inthar and Now Shoe.

mikeslemonade3895d ago

Yay he can let his bias self leave so 1up/EGM gets a whole lot less bias. All he does is give 10s to xbox 360 games. When was the last time Shane B. has given a 10 to a PS2/PSP/PS3 game?

barom3895d ago

don't forget Mark who's working at Konami now.

and lol he still haven't gotten that Mile High Club achievement. I almost got it one time but the 2-3 dudes at the end surprised me (didn't know they were there).

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Hatchetforce3895d ago

Good riddance to one of the most incompetent and biased journalists in the business.

CHRP7183895d ago

Don't need this idiot in the gaming world anymore.

socomnick3895d ago

Why do you sony fanboys hate him ? Im a little curious he did not seem to show too much bias well except toward halo.

decapitator3895d ago

No one hates him bro, is just that that notion that Halo is the greatest game ever and that it sh!ts on anything past and future is what gamers disagree with him.

socomnick3895d ago

I see Decapitator. :) Thing is it doesn't really bother me because a review is someones opinion. I believe he really loves halo thats why he gave it such high remarks.

decapitator3895d ago

You pretty much gave the best answer on this post about reviews. Wish more gamers saw it like you, I and a few other people.

Hatchetforce3895d ago

He was the editor of EGM. Need I say anymore?

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decapitator3895d ago

Man, a lot people will happy....some will be sad. I am sure the most will be happy though.

DRUDOG3895d ago

Gotta say I have mixed feelings. EGM wasn't ever the same after ZD bought 'em so some of those feelings for the magazine weren't necessarily his fault. I didn't always agree with some of the stuff he said/did (recently, the little review fued that made it seem like he was biting the hand that fed him wasn't cool at all), but he certainly wasn't bad for the mag. They say that the pub is bigger than ever, whatever that means to us readers...

The timing is kind of odd since he was just "kicked" upstairs out of the editor-in-chief job at the magazine. A person would think that he would've stuck to that longer than a month or whatever time it's been.

niall773895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

first half gamespot staff quits and now 1up's.

sure 1up staff are leaving for better resions (not getting paid)

but I blame the hippies

tplarkin73895d ago

I think he upset many Nintendo and PS3 fans due to his blatant preference for the 360 and Xbox Live. The way I see it, he just had good taste.

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