GCN End of the Week Opinion: Xbox Live players are much more advanced

Gaming Console Network's Editor in Chief Sean Foster talks about the differences between Xbox Live and PSN players. After playing 5+ years on Xbox Live and 5+ years on the Playstation 2/3 PSN Sean feels that at the end of the day, Xbox Live players are far more advanced.

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toughNAME3841d ago

I'd t-bag you, you, and you

Alcohog3841d ago

This "article" lacks any logic. Whatever gets your mediocre website hits, I guess.

GCNSeanFoster3841d ago

Your the one lacking logic.. Does the word "opinion" mean anything you you? Your a typical PS3 fanboy. But I would expect this coming from someone that can't even afford a decent camera to make his avatar... I am 33, and I am pretty sure I have been a gamer since you were born. So agree or disagree. I could care less... My opinion on the two online networks...

Alcohog3841d ago

The picture is blurry because it was scaled down to fit the requirements.


"Lets attack him personally because he called my article out to be garbage!!"

Trek52003841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

So....all the articles we have read and videos that have been viewed regarding the racism, gay bashing and childishness on Xbox Live are all now null and void thanks to this one man(moron)'s opinion?

As to the gamers having better skills? Could it be the difference in controllers that is giving him some trouble?? If you play a game for months on end as he mentioned in his article and then switch to another controller....???? Don't you think that would affect your kill death ratio?? I am a PSN gamer and have also played COD4 since launch. I have a 1.5 kill death ratio which I think sucks because my buddy runs at 1.86. If I switched controllers I know full well it would go down.

Kind of a stupid series of comments all strung together in his article.

Edit? So some one disagrees with the my opinion that it could be the difference in controllers and didn't even have the nerve to actually comment to me?? I didn't flame anything or anyone, didn't have hack on the 360 controller...just mentioned that it is different and he could be struggling after months of practice with the Sixaxis. Not soooo difficult to understand is it??

KingME3841d ago

Take it easy dude, it's just an opinion article. Take a chill pill.

Genuine3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Actually, I think this writer is just breaking the myth that the behavior of the PSN community is somehow different than any other internet community. Imo, the word "gaming community" should be associated with a particular game and not a particular platform. For example, your far more likely to get t-bagged and called names in a game like COD4, than you are in a game like Wii bowling.

GCNSeanFoster3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

moron? This once again proves what I was talking about... the differences between PS3 fan-boys and Xbox Live fan-boys... Funny though.. I support both systems... And controllers have NOTHING to do with it... Instead of bashing me.. go ahead and try it... Take on a week of COD4 on the 360, see if you keep that 1.50 ratio and tell me different... Shut me up on this...

sonicriderZG83841d ago

I am a PS3 fan, im not a Xbox fan at all. But There is a such thing as giving your opinion. I may not agree with what the writer here wrote, but i sure as hell respect his opinion. PSN has its pros and cons, as well as the Xbox having its Pros and cons.

Most of the PS3 fanboys here are really making us look like asses. Stop posting disrespect full comments and grow up. your making ALL of us look bad.

TheKungFool3841d ago

Seriously Trek, you'll get alot of flack from 360 supporters because your point has validity to it, and you can tell by the way nobody even mentioned the difference in controllers.

You are right though; I play CoD4 at home on my PS3 and I'm not great, but I can manage. When I play on the 360 at work with the 360 controller that I'm not used to, there is a noticable difference in my timing.

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ukilnme3841d ago

So he prefers Xbox Live over PSN. How many would feel better if he liked PSN more. This is just an opinion piece. I am sure many post will have the usual PSN is free with no lag, Xbox Live cost $50 and has much lag and many will say Xbox Live is superior. Just save it and go play some games.

GCNSeanFoster3841d ago

Agreed... but i don't prefer PSN over XBL or vice-versa.. I am just stating an opinion of the two networks and what I have experienced over the last 5 years with them both... Funny thing is... who else on here has played COD4 on both systems? Give me your own opinion about this...

Eromu3841d ago

Lol this article is complete BS, I have never heard a racial slur on the games I've played on PSN(guess I'm not in the right ones?), on the other hand I hear them all the time when my bro is next door playing on his 360.

There are too many factors to consider when playing two different systems. How the hell does he know his better playing on the PS3 might not be from the difference in controller, maybe even the lack of fan noise or heat exhausting and/or RRoD from his 360?

Trek52003841d ago

I agree, my first thought was the difference in controller since he stated that he had been playing it for months on the PSN. I commented to that affect in the Gamerzone. Great minds think alike!!

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