IGN UK: Mario Kart Wii Review

Well, despite a few minor flaws - most notably the failure that is offline Battle mode - the sheer quality of this latest Mario Kart installment pretty much sits it right alongside the near-faultless SNES original. Despite initial fears, this is proper Mario Kart, and it's Mario Kart done right. It's fast, it's fun and still one of the best party games ever created.

Thanks to some seriously well-implemented online options though, it brings so much more to the table than its forebears, most notably in terms of longevity. Really, the most serious drawback is that it's still just Mario Kart - and if that's a formula you hate, you're still not going to change your mind. For everyone else though, it's an essential purchase on Wii and a return to form for Nintendo's console racer.

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ChickeyCantor3844d ago

LOL you cant use the name HITLER in your mii if you wanna play with it XD

BrotherNick3844d ago

What if your name is Hitler? :(

ChickeyCantor3844d ago

no online play for mister hitler then

niall773844d ago

but if I buy one more Wii game with mario on the box I think im gonna stat jumping on fools heads.

tgh machines3843d ago

That's definitely pacman in the picture.

Eamon3844d ago

Its so amazing. The wii wheel is such a good addition. Its hard to control at the beginning but after practice you get used to it.

This game definately deserved a 9 or above. I wonder what the US and AU reviewers will think

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