EB Games refute greed claims

Dimporhic360 writes:

"I recently had an interview with the Tweed City EB Games Franchise manager Brent Grigson (who has since left the store and taken up a position in the Australian Army) about the claims from the gaming community that EB were greedy offering the ESA for the Xbox 360 just to make a quick buck and are now caught out because of the unreliability of the early 360 SKUs..."

EB Games' response after the jump...

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gamesR4fun3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

"Many consumers are unhappy with EB Games no longer offering replacement consoles in line with their extended service warranty, instead refunding all warrantys purchased and cancelling the initiative."

What can i say someone should carve out their eyeballs with a dull spoon for that. If you cant stand behind a product dont sell it end of story.