First images of SingStar 2 on PlayStation 3

After its announcement last week, we can see at HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames,the first images of SingStar 2 on PlayStation 3.


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Batusai3895d ago

I don't understand this game on PlayStation 3. Why Sony don't put these songs in the SingStore?

SeanScythe3895d ago

I think this will be for people with no internet access. They will most likely have all the newest songs on the cd for people that can't download.

whoelse3895d ago

Good point. I was gonna ask the same question.

Harry1903895d ago


Most people(not everyone) who play this game are as you can put it:
'casual gamers'.They won't really bother going to the
Singstore and engage in micro-transaction dealings.They would probably prefer to pick up a hard copy even though they won't be able to customize their playlist.I would also go for the hard copy version.

Ri0tSquad3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

NA is still waiting for SingStar 1 on the PS3. I can't believe they already have SingStar 2 images out yet the 1st one didn't even come out here.

eagle213895d ago

I am ready to get my groove on. :)

Harry1903895d ago

been waiting long enough now.

Skerj3895d ago

I see Noodle, I want.

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