PSM3's Metal Gear Solid 4 preview, pt 2 (spoilers)

Ten years on from Metal Gear Solid on Psone, MGS4 feels like Kojima coming full circle, having previously insisted this would be his last Metal Gear game - a claim neither repeated or denied during PSM3's time in Nasu. "I want people to look back on themselves, to reflect on what has happened in between, and how you have aged", claims Kojima.

In that respect, MGS4 is a humbling, almost poignant success. The truth is, it makes MGS look like a crude artefact from an ancient age, echoing Kojima's theme about the thrill, and dangers of technological acceleration. In that context, two months is hardly that long to wait for the most anticipated next-gen game yet.

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decapitator3844d ago


TnS3844d ago

I'm sorry for the spoilers, I not read the preview and PSM3 said it contains no spoilers.

sonarus3844d ago

Yea those guys are a$$holes. On the site it says spoiler free then they pretty much give you a players guide.

BilI Gates3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

It contains spoilers.

Storm233844d ago

Just staying away from everything Metal Gear = No spoilers! Wahoo for me and anyone else doing this!

thor3844d ago

Yeah I'm not reading any more previews, I've seen enough and I DON'T want it spoiled for me D: I'll read the review scores, see if it's as amazing as these make it out to be (which I don't doubt), and then put in my pre-order.

sonarus3844d ago

Dude its MGS4. Any score lower than a 9 is an embarrassment.

heyheyhey3844d ago

if it wasnt for biased reviewers

id say MGS4 could reach a Metacritic score of at least 97, maybe even 98

due to the aforementioned biased and possibly "bought" reviewers- it will score more along the lines of 94-96

MGS rules baby

sonarus3844d ago

PS3 bias reviews seem to be dying down. Plus its MGS. Given the power of the playstation 3, i really don't expect MGS4 to be anything less than a mind altering experience for most reviewers. Such experiences can overcome any prejudice

heyheyhey3844d ago

Tactical Espionage Action- dont you just love it when people randomly shout out stuff that you've known for years

anyway, MGS is king baby

Alcohog3844d ago

Its so hard not to read. :(

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