Killzone: Shadow Fall - Warzone mode runs at 60 fps

PCG had the chance to play the new Warzone mode of Killzone: Shadow Fall - "it runs at beautifully soft 60 fps", the magazine writes.

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Benjammin252715d ago

I know right? I don't understand why more people aren't hyped for this game. Killzone 2 was easily one of the greatest shooters of last gen, and if shadow fall even comes close to that games greatness, we're in for a treat come November.

Irishguy952715d ago

It is releasing with bf 4. Therefore it is pointless

LonDonE2714d ago

i just played through killzone 2 again yesterday, and also spent some time in skirmish, and multi player, man that game to this day LOOKS OUT RIGHT STUNNING!! a testament to guerilla games art and technical wizardry!! seriously killzone 2 looks light years better then all the halo games that have been released, the particle effects, the real time lighting, the shading, EVERYTHING BLOWS any xbox exclusive, and i think the new one on ps4 will do the same! killzone 2 and 3 to this day all these years on are still 2 of the most technically advanced shooters in console history, these guys know how to create some of the best looking shooters around!!

Maddens Raiders2715d ago

Killzone 2 was incredible, but don't forget that Killzone 3 was and is fantastic right now too! It's FPS pr0n lol. Looks like the Guerilla Gods are on their way once again.

sandman2242715d ago

I want to see it in action. Killzone rocks. Thank you gurilla games.

pyramidshead2715d ago

Hope they didn't make too many sacrifices, if any, to achieve that though. At least that will shut certain people up about the ps4 not being able to handle 1080p60fps.

zombie-fun5442715d ago

from what i heard so hard to make game work 60 frame and take time in pc or ps4 or xbox one

wishingW3L2715d ago

from where have you heard that nonsense? If you have the hardware you can even run at 120fps easily on the PC and at way higher resolution than 1080p too.

Skate-AK2715d ago

I think that is a mistranlation but it would be great if it isn't.

gijsbrecht2715d ago

I know a little German; in this case the translation seems to be correct.

ZodTheRipper2715d ago

They definately say it's 60fps. They also state that it's pretty noticeable and that they never played such a smooth Killzone.

AKS2715d ago

My eyes must also be mistranslating what I'm seeing in that video thechosenone linked, then. That looks like 60 fps to me.