Supreme Ruler 2020 Developer Diary 3

From the diary: "While some of the maps in our first game, Supreme Ruler 2010, had as many as 30 regions involved, most maps only had between three and ten regions in play. As it turned out, the bigger maps with the larger number of regions turned out to be very popular. There was a desire by many players to play longer games, experiencing diplomacy and the challenges of good government over the span of many in-game years. The early design of Supreme Ruler 2020 expanded the region limit to 64, and used a system of 'regional blocks' to help divide up the world and keep things manageable for the engine – it was important for us to maintain the 'no limits' design of SR2010 that allowed for big maps and big armies. As we began implementation of this new system, we discovered that with some adjustments we would be able to support over 200 regions – which would be enough to allow us to simulate all the existing countries in the world at once..."

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