Daniel Maher Leaves Sony for Microsoft Job

Microsoft today announced the appointment of Daniel Maher as Xbox LIVE Editor for Europe. He joins from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's International Software Development team. His appointment is effective immediately.

Maher will be responsible for the editorial and production of the various European versions of Inside Xbox, the daily news magazine on Xbox LIVE. A key part of his role is to establish Inside Xbox as an entertaining and informative new media, providing a diverse range of programming that can be accessed directly by the Xbox 360 community on a daily basis.

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Blackcanary3937d ago

why is this news in the playstation 3 area?

ukilnme3937d ago

It does not matter where the news is posted anymore. The trolls around here will find it and flame about it even if it does not concern them or their console or console maker of choice.

GunShotEddy3937d ago

Because there isn't a Microsoft or Sony channel. So the most affected consoles from the respective companies are used as the channels.

You may just not know that SCEE is "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe". They handle "PS3" stuff in "Europe".

As for trolls, yes, they'll find something to flame about no matter what.

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gamesR4fun3937d ago

Kinda explains this guys actions for the past few months on the sony side lol

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harpua3937d ago

apparently he really hates quality control, so it looks like he found his dream job.

PSWe603937d ago

Dan Maher has left Sony.


Fishy Fingers3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

All the best to him. Id love the chance to just work for one of them, let alone both.

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