PALGN: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview

This is the selling point of The Force Unleashed - do the things that you always wanted a Jedi to do, but were too afraid to ask. This game is about as high-concept as LucasArts has ever gone, and its appeal can be summed up simply - in the words of Haden Blackman, project lead, "This game is about kicking ass with the Force."

While the game may prompt guffaws from fans about the internal realism of the Star Wars series ("Why were they so worried about those Star Destroyers in A New Hope if Kenobi could've just blown them up with his mind?"), this is a videogame, and PALGN signed off on believability being an appropriate criteria when they bought the line about the ape-beating Italian plumber. For PALGN, these sort of things aren't Unbelievably Ridiculous, they're Unbelievably Cool.

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