Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Preview by Shacknews

Aaron Linde of Shacknews shares his impressions:

"There's something special about Bungie's press demonstration get-togethers. It's a magic formula that mixes sleep deprivation, pizza, and sixteen journalists, resulting in the most raucous bunch of unruly bastards you've ever heard. It's a spectacle of such magnitude that it was almost difficult to pay attention to the content on display, rather than my esteemed colleagues calling me 'bitch' while smearing my head into the pavement.

But ghastly failures aside, I did manage to walk away from the slaughter with a fair idea of what to expect when the Halo 3 Legendary map pack goes live next week. Three new maps-two remakes, one brand new-might not be the weightiest offering of downloadable content yet seen on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but should prove a worthwhile addition to the burgeoning roster of Halo 3's multiplayer offerings."

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