Vista's UAC security prompt was designed to annoy you

User Account Control is easily one of the most hated features of Windows Vista, according to readers. The seemingly endless stream of UAC pop-ups, asking you to confirm this action or that action, just get in the way (and aren't particularly zippy, given the screen redraw). Others don't mind UAC, but there's no doubt it's a controversial "feature" of the OS.
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At the RSA 2008 confab in San Francisco, Microsoft admitted that UAC was designed, in fact, to annoy. Microsoft's David Cross came out and said so: "The reason we put UAC into the platform was to annoy users. I'm serious," said Cross.

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Fishy Fingers3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Well it succeeded in everyone's expectations.

Charmers3895d ago

and it is the only part of Vista that did exceed expectations :-p

deeznuts3895d ago

Eh? I've turned it off on my machines.

gaffyh3895d ago

You can easily disable UAC through the User options, I have done it on my computers. WTF is the problem?

gamesR4fun3895d ago

Microsoft's approach to UAC is a carrot-and-stick way to get developers to adopt Microsoft's latest views on secure application installation and setup, but it does come at the expense of the user experience.

Charlie26883895d ago

That is why I disabled the F_CKER in the first 30 minutes after installing Vista XD

I was almost literally gonna stab the monitor for how annoying that thing is :D

LinuxGuru3895d ago

The UAC is just an even more annoying ripoff of the root permission prompt in Linux.

Windows Operating systems are nothing more than fancified ripoffs of nicer OS's

DJ3895d ago

That they really just don't like us.

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