Great Storytelling is Number One for Jack Keane

"In the point-and-click adventure genre, you must have a solid, supportable storyline," said Brock Beaubien, Producer at Strategy First. "You need characters with depth to develop on. The game must have a well-written script, with plenty of interesting dialogue and lots of options. Also, an easy to use game engine is important, leaving more room for enjoyment of the game, and not learning the controls. Everything can be operated with just the mouse. To make a point-and-click adventure game you really need to remember one thing – keep it fun."

It's that attitude toward game development that formed the building blocks of Jack Keane, the next adventure game from Strategy First. "We have likable characters, attractive scenarios and a humorous story," Beaubien says. "On top of that we have witty and comical dialogue that branches out into many areas and fun puzzles to keep you thinking. You basically can't go wrong! Jump into the game and try everything, it's almost more fun to do something wrong so you can chuckle at everything the game offers. There is always another laugh around the corner."

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