Xbox GamesCom 2013 -- Showcase Briefing

Catch up with all the announcements from gamescom 2013 with Xbox.

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jay21936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Release date, kinect now an option, save £200........Oh wait.

jay21936d ago

No, stating the facts you're still being ripped off big time in turns of money, They've done their '360' on their DRM, oh no hold on their Fifa 13 free game is a download code, you'll need Gold, a net connection too, Made kinect optional. Oh no it comes and will continue to come with every xbox one console, and they've got their bargain-basement early DLC once again. Then there's Killer Instinct.

falviousuk1936d ago

Your right, I'll also need that fancy lectricity stuff to power it and one o those special picture screens to see on

Mike134nl1936d ago

At least watch the entire video and don't spam comment to incite flamewar

XboxFun1936d ago

Fable Legends is just ANOTHER reason to get the Xbox One. I like the way the gameplay style and design is. I'm still hoping though that a Fable 4 is being worked on. Which I am sure it is.

Good showing at Camescon MS!

thetruthx11936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Microsoft keeps getting big exclusives like Fable

Keep them coming

Crackdown 3 and Alan Wake 2 next after Remedy gets finished with Quantum Break

Some might not agree but I'd love to see a sequel or remake of Brute Force on Xbox One