Top Ten Best Cut Scenes

Last week IncGamers brought you their hot titles for this month. This week they are bringing you the first in a series of their 'Ten Best...' features. Every second Friday of the month they will bring ten of their favourite things from games....This week they start with cut scenes.

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DiabloRising3845d ago

Agreed. That and the ending to MGS3.

littletad3845d ago

Am I missing something good? Only played one and two.

sa_nick3845d ago

Day of the Tentacle opening!

GavLam883845d ago

But yea, the top two are descent but there are better ones. There are so many great cutscenes, but they seem to be mixing trailers and cutscenes. There are opening movies and then there are scenes from during the game.

okcomputer3845d ago

Tough to narrow it down to ten. But the opening to the first soul reaver game is one of my favorites ever.

Jim Crowslaw3845d ago

i totally agree wit the Oni 3 opener. frankly i think the DMC4 fight shouldve been top 3. One of my fav however is the intro to Dynasty Warriors 6 and the intro to DMC3

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The story is too old to be commented.