Mo-capoeira game coming Q4 2008

Joystiq writes:

"When we see that a developer we're not familiar with is making a game for the "Wii, PS2, PSP and DS," our shovelware alarms usually start to go off around Joystiq HQ. But when we saw this morning that developer Twelve Interactive was using motion capture for their game Martial Arts: Capoeira, we were ... well, not excited exactly. Can one be skeptically intrigued? Even if the game does end up sucking, it's nice to know that they're putting in the effort of hiring actual capoeira artists."

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Skerj3895d ago

Freaking sweet, even if it sucks I'm still getting it.

BrotherNick3895d ago

Do I attach wiimote and nunchuk to arms? That'd be awesome if the had a game that taught capoeira. HAHA, found a new genre, Martial arts teaching! Maybe some tai chi meditation would be awesome.