Video Games Made Me Do It: Defendant in Beheading Trial Blames Hitman

A 18-year-old Michigan man is on trial for murder, charged with beheading a 26-year-old-victim last November.

Now, it appears that his attorneys will claim that Jean Pierre Orlewicz (left) was under the influence of Eidos' Hitman when he stabbed and decapitated 26-year-old Daniel Sorensen.

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HighDefinition3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I`ve never beheaded anyone....I guess I`m a anomaly.

HighDefinition3846d ago

I don`t remember any beheadings in Hitman games.

darkness within3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

It gets worse every day. Soon people will blame viva pinata for cracking someone open with a spade to see if there is candy.

7h3ultim8p003846d ago

Fuk him. Gas that moron. Videogames don't make you do stupid sh!t. Stupidity does.

Truplaya3846d ago

I hate to say it but this is typical in America. Always someone else to blame but themselves. Video games, God, Eminem, it's always the same.

Spazz3846d ago

Why does it have to be about Americans? I see Haji blowing up people and blaming it on their religious beliefs in the middle east.

Stupid people are everywhere and you prove it with such a bias statement.

misterssippi3846d ago

I'm sure the fact that this kidd is a druggie probably has more to do with it than anything. Gotta love it.