Apple Tops Brand Survey But Consumers Say Sony's A Peach

Apple scored top marks in the 2008 Brandjunkie survey last week but shoppers reviews from the online consumer review sitetell a different story. Apple's popular iPod range didn't make the top three in a poll of 293 MP3 players, as rated by genuine purchasers on independent review website, Reevoo, who analysed over 4,000 MP3 player customer reviews.

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decapitator3843d ago

When it comes to styles, I think Apple and Sony are on top so no suprises here.

SuperSaiyan43843d ago

When it boils down to who has the best audio its definently not the iPod.

However I own one...I have had many different mp3 players but if you look at style, features and brand etc compare something like the iTouch to any other mp3 player of a similar price range and nothing can compete in features.

I used to have a Sony the NWA range 2gb player I paid £150 when it first came out, you can pick that up really cheap now, audio quality the bass is fantastic as usual with Sony, features are good but the software is absolutly rubbish.

Imo Apple have nailed the software perfectly when transferring music also all your settings are saved so if you need to have your ipod replaced sync up the new one and hey presto all your settings are transferred onto the new ipod!!

The itouch for me is extremely impressive and since I only paid an extra £50 (bought the Sony one from Currys Digital and went faulty within the year) for an 8gb iTouch I think nowadays only the true audiophiles with stick to anything other than an ipod like the iAudio 7 by COWON.

iheartSONY3843d ago

This survey sounds like it hit the nail on the head. Sony and Apple are the top MP3 makers with regards to style and ease of use but Apples damned iTunes(which is good software) does limit the consumer cuz he can't use another downloading service. And Sony's Sonic Stage was a nightmare(I stopped using my Sony S2 cuz of Sonic Stage). Anyway good survey.

FLOPbox 3603843d ago

In my opinion, Sony and Apple are on top.

SaiyanFury3843d ago

I don't really care either way. I'm not paying a tonne of money for an MP3 player. I don't mind Sony's stuff, but I don't like anything about Apple. I don't know, maybe I just don't like proprietary products. I bought a 100 dollar 4GB SanDisk Sansa MP3 player and it does everything I need it too. And it was comparatively cheap.

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