Video Games Weekly Gears of War 2 Preview - "Graphics have gone to nutso level."

They begin talking about the Game Informer Gears of War 2 cover story at about 19:30. They don't talk too much about it (for obvious reasons), but they sounded super excited about what they saw.

* Graphics have gone to nutso level. Color palette isn't as washed out as the first game. The games looks like a matte painting from a movie.
* A lot of the game will take place underground. A underground level they saw had all this bio-luminescent plant life that animated.
* More weather effects. Snow was mentioned. Gibs on the snow!
* The derricks have these mine capsules that hold 2 guys. You kind of paratroop into the ground. So, this derrick goes out and picks up what looks like bullets with grinders on the end, and then shoots you into the ground. That's how you get around in the world and go to these different missions. These derricks are 3 stories tall.
* Epic is doing a lot to make the story better.
* The team at Epic is very committed to making Gears 2 multiplayer fantastic. Some of the things they heard over some cocktails are very very exciting.

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Harry1903841d ago

It is so dark,and good,very very good too.

chaosatom3333841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

what's a nutso level?

I guess we will see this in E3 for sure, because Microsoft is riding on gears hard.

Amanosenpai3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

MGS4 graphs are in the "Nusto" level...

GeOW 2 will be great, GeOW has the best coop i ever played. TONS of fun with my friend killing Locust hordes.

PSh1t33841d ago

lol, no. MGS4 looks crap.

BigKev453841d ago

I can't wait for the game.

LaChance3841d ago

MGS 4 ? No seriously I dont if Im the only one but to me MGS4 looks good but even very good but not INCREDIBLE.I mean like it doesnt look way better than COD4 or Uncharted ( I know its not the same genre but still).

Only my opinion .

sonarus3841d ago

I really hate when people start unnecessary comparisons. All these games have their different art styles so lets try to keep the unnecessary comparisons to the minimum.

As for gears 2 can't wait to see it.

BeaArthur3841d ago

These are going to be much needed improvements.

Monchichi0253841d ago


Can't wait for Gears 2. Bet it will once again be the Game of The Year!!

Amanosenpai3841d ago

Dunno... this time theres a lot of freaking competition out there...

sonarus3841d ago

Actually wasn't oblivion game of the yr?

PSh1t33841d ago

Really? Like what, Constipation 2? Krapzone 2? HAZE(LMFAO)? Yeah right. These games are NOTHIIINGGGG in the light of Gears. So, please. You look like a MAJOR Sony fanboy with that Asian child molester AV of yours. No wonder why you're so dumb. "derrr, derrrr Haze will be better than Gears, derrr"

IrishAssa3841d ago

Oblivion was GOTY in 05 i think not 06

Amanosenpai3841d ago

My post:

Dunno... this time theres a lot of freaking competition out there..

@P*hit3 (ja ja ja)

Really? Like what, Constipation 2? Krapzone 2? HAZE(LMFAO)? Yeah right... loads of crap about my AV (oh you pwn me with that, im crying cause u told me fanboy and dumb)

(about) Competition:

What about MGS4? or GTA4 ( a multiplat/yea not a sony game or u will tell me fanboy again =() ?

Man... u so pathetic

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Alcaponedyou3841d ago

More gloomy effects?
Unreal Plastic?

InMyOpinion3841d ago

Are you thinking of Killzone 2?

Atomic3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Killzone 2 looks graphically beyond anything on the 360 , you have to be a blind Xbot to say otherwise
here's the proof

ElementX3841d ago

Killzone looks fake. Those videos sucked. Did you see how gunshots light up the whole f#$king area unrealistically? It's like someone shot a flare gun. The models look plastic also and unrealistically lit.

Atomic3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Bill gates threw his white juice into your eyes and that's why you can't see properly?

and i find it funny that you think it looks plastic and the lighting unrealistic .
gears of war doesn't even have dynamic lighting and shadowing , everything is baked into the textures ,and the characters look straight out of a cartoon with their overblown proportions , so please cut the bull$hit .

ElementX3841d ago

I didn't mention anything about Gears or MS in my response. I'm stating my opinion. I'm not comparing KZ with anything

InMyOpinion3841d ago

Looks like Atomic hit menopause when he read my comment lol!

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