Rime Devs: Sony Respect the Crazy and Beautiful

Dealspwn reports: "Key staff members at Tequila Works have been keen to praise Sony, citing the big company's respect for the "crazy" and "beautiful." Tequila Works CEO and Creative Director, Raul Rubio Munarriz said:

"In just a few months of collaborating we can see we have found our perfect partner with SCE Worldwide Studios Europe on Rime. They are completely supportive of our process and vision and truly collaborate in the true sense of the word. Rime is something very personal. When we develop a game we continually ask ourselves 'Where is the Crazy? Where is the Beautiful?' and clearly SCE's commitment with Indies on PS4 respects this and welcomes our originality, which is the best beginning we could imagine."

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US8F1884d ago

The best new game announcement on the show. My opinion and I'm sticking with it. Second, shadow of the beast.

sigfredod1884d ago

i will add Warthunder to the list, the gameplay looks insane and the graphics topnotch, i was blown away for the video

cleft51884d ago

That last part of the War Thunder clip with all of the planes shooting one another down was so insane. Can't wait to play that game on PS4.

GribbleGrunger1884d ago

It's such a joy to come to N4Gs. Every time a refresh the page, yet another positive article pops up. I might just get myself a six pack and celebrate. Drunken comments incoming!

1884d ago
Inception1884d ago

I'll add Murasaki Baby and EGTR (Everybody Gone to Rapture).

FamilyGuy1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Completely agree!

I especially love the art style on this.

rainslacker1883d ago

For me it was Murasaki Baby. Can't wait for that one.:)

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sonic9891884d ago

something microsoft will never understand
respect to nintendo and my old love sega

MasterCornholio1884d ago

Poor Sega though.


I had a Megadrive and a Genesis and they were fantastic systems.

sonic9891884d ago

OFF Topic
you are right poor sega
i still love them especially that they have sonic ( my hero )
unfortunately the next game isnt coming to the PS4 anyway i hope next year we can see something sonic on a sony system which of course i will get
i still have my sega consoles ( all of them )

Bathyj1884d ago

So everyone else immediatly thought of Ico when they saw this right?

Not that that's a bad thing. The game did look gorgeous and its open world isn't it?

PersonaCat1884d ago

I thought of journey first then ICO haha. This game is definitely beautiful

ThatCanadianGuy5141884d ago

Yeah, Journey came to mind for me firstly.ICO as soon as i seen him swinging the stick.

This game could end up being very special.

jonboi241884d ago

ICO meets Wind Waker was what I thought.

Master-H1884d ago

This, Shadow of the Beast, The Rapture game, and War Thunder were the cool moments in an otherwise kinda boring show.

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