Best Buy Geek Squad Soaks Your Computer, Blames You

Still think using Geek Squad to repair your computer isn't such a bad idea? That's what reader Nicole thought when she took her laptop in for a warranty covered repair. The laptop was sent off to a service center, "repaired", then sent back. She immediately noticed it had the same exact problem and sent it back 48 hours later.

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decapitator3895d ago

Sucks for her, its sometimes best to go to the store across the street to get your computer fix than these big corporations I guess.

Tempist3895d ago

Not when you have a warranty with them. That's the point of a warranty, to ensure such mishaps are dealt with smoothly and swiftly.

Clearly the tech guys or the shippers were not taking the best precautions and in doing so have allowed damage to happen. That then moves from a warranty issue to an insurance issue on top of it.

JsonHenry3895d ago

The Geek Squad told my father that the reason his hard-drive took a dive was because he was using an outdated OS (WinXP) and his graphic settings were too high for the SATA 3.0 HDD he had. So he sold him Vista Home Basic and a SATA 1.5 HDD...

Then I ridiculed my father for not calling me first (I did build his PC after all) and then called Best Buy and talked to the Manager who said that he agreed it was incompetent and misleading advice. Then said they are trained professionals (though NONE of them are even A+ certified) and to come in for a $25 gift certificate... I hung up on him and advised my father NEVER to buy anything from Best Buy again.

Mikey_Gee3894d ago

That little chunk of advise is probably the best advice your dad will ever get in regards to BB.

BB and FS are lower on my list than Walmart .... kind of sad really.

GCO Gamer3895d ago

that why people go and get macs.

spandexxking3895d ago

then realise they suck then go back to windows! there you go fixed:P sorry its just i bought a mac, thought it was crap then got another pc. why do people say they are user friendly? i didnt have a clue wtf was going on!

decapitator3895d ago

You thought it was crap? How ? What issues were you having with it ?

BeaArthur3895d ago

spandexxking...I guess they are crap if you know absolutely nothing about computers. They are not as user friendly as a PC but they are much better and more importantly more durable.

spandexxking3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

i dunno really, things like finding programs or file types that work plus its things like the single click and just other ways macs work which i cant get to grips with.
btw bearthur dont say things like "I guess they are crap if you know absolutely nothing about computers" i would say i would know a bit more than your average user but still cant use a mac! so there goes your logic already!

decapitator3895d ago

Well it is a new OS and if you are someone who have never used and OSX before, the learning curve is steep but once you go through the conversion process, you might never go back to PC.

IdleLeeSiuLung3895d ago

The crappy thing about Mac's are you have to pay to get an update for Mac OSX that you NEED to run some newer software. WTF!!!

Apple first rip you off on expensive hardware, then they rip you off again on software and the best thing about it. The consumer feels good about the whole ordeal! Go figure....

Lionsguard3895d ago

I'm an 11 year PC user and just got a mac, sure it was a bit difficult at first because it's a new OS but it didnt take long to learn it. Setting it up was easier than any Windows OS since it pretty much did everything by itself including setting up the wireless without me ripping my hair out like on Windows. Searching for programs was a pain until I found out about the spotlight search which then makes it x1000 easier oh and the single click is actually great if you want to right click just put two fingers on the trackpad and click. I went back and used my friend's laptop after having my mac for awhile and it was just frustrating having to maneuver my finger to hit the left button.

DJ3895d ago

If you're mad about paying a little more for a much better experience, go get an E-machine.

trinisouljah3895d ago

You can right click on a mac just hold the control key and click

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Silellak3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Best Buy is just not winning any customer loyalty these days.

First the story about how they called the cops on a customer, now this.

My recent experience buying a TV at Circuit City, combined with looking for TV's at Best Buy and stories like this have, against all odds, made me a Circuit City fan. I never saw that coming.

Circuit City actually let me bring my 360 into the store and hook it up to the TV I was interested in. How awesome is that?

The_Firestarter3895d ago

How kind of them! Really, that's cool how they let you hook up your 360 to test it out.

mintaro3895d ago

dude that is sweet.

we dont have circuit city's up here, only the source =p

machete squad steve3895d ago

Boycott Best Buy!
There is never a time when you should resort to buying anything from these donkeys. You can always find a better deal with better service, remember Best buy loves your money, but hates the meat sacs carrying it.

gamesR4fun3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Fact is most pc guys can get away with murder tho cause common ppl are so incredibly stupid. Some peeps will pay them 300 bucks just to adjust their hd tv for 'optimal' output lol. Others pay hundreds for virus removal.Its not that they dont have google either its just that their too dumb to use it.

Sarick3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

There is a solution for the techical support woes. If you know someone like this tell them to ask their kids for help.

Youtube has an excellent video that shows this.

I've seen a cool site with some crazy $61+. Roflao

funny as heck.

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