Gartner: Windows is Collapsing writes:

"SAO PAOLO, Brazil--At a Las Vegas conference on Thursday, Gartner analysts warned that Windows is in danger of collapsing, according to a report in ComputerWorld.

Upon reading that, I wondered how this could have happened in the 10 days I have been traveling around Latin America. Although Microsoft faces challenges from Linux and piracy here, looking out from the company's futuristic offices, it hardly seemed like either the building or the Windows empire was in imminent danger of collapse. "

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decapitator3844d ago

So basically the need yahoo to sustain their lead ?

decapitator3844d ago

How ? I missed the "funny" here ?

Harry1903844d ago

i am screwed,that's all there is to it.....unfortunately.....

jackdoe3844d ago

Collapsing? Unless every PC game is able to run on Mac OSX and Linux, I don't think I'll be leaving Windows anytime soon.

Gorgon3844d ago

Problem is, if Windows collapses, it will be windows leaving you.

Zarfoz3844d ago

When I can run Mac OS's on any system configuration, and run lots of good games - Windows sure is collapsing.
Until then, nope.

Gorgon3844d ago

Unfortunately gamers are not the ones keeping windows alive. They are only a very tiny fraction of Windows users. If Windows goes the way of the dodo, so does Windows-based gaming.

FLOPbox 3603844d ago

You think Windows.... what about me???

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