Blown up Halo 3 Images

Here are some larger versions of the Halo 3 images published in the Swedish Magazine "Level". The images are from an alpha build.

Source: Level Magazine via Neogaf

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Reaper4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Look how big the rims are on that ATV, lol.
Nevertheless cant wait

andy capps4377d ago

Not looking that special yet, at least from these scans. I'm sure the final product will look great, however.

MoonDust4377d ago

IS that a bug? Or some kind of animal.

Marriot VP4377d ago

yah that's a bug, like in the delta halo levels. However does this level take place on earth cause those animals were on the halo rings. I'm no Halo nerd that's just what I know from playing the games.

badkolo4377d ago

just with beefed up graphics, I hope its more then what they are showing if not its going to be bland.

no_more_heroes4377d ago

That this alpha build is missing a lot of the special graphical effects from it, like HDR lighting and whatnot, so it will look better than this.

Optimus Prime4377d ago

well it is far from done. but i cant wait, it looked very cool

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The story is too old to be commented.