Apple's OS Edge Is a Threat to Microsoft

A recent upgrade to the Mac operating system moves Apple closer to challenging Microsoft for overall computing dominance, even in the corporate market.

The 20-year death grip that Microsoft has held on the core of computing is finally weakening-pried loose with just two fingers. With one finger you press "Control" and with the other you press "right arrow." Instantly you switch from a Macintosh operating system (OS) to a Microsoft Windows OS. Then, with another two-finger press, you switch back again. So as you edit family pictures, you might use Mac's iPhoto. And when you want to access your corporate e-mail, you can switch back instantly to Microsoft Exchange.

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decapitator3844d ago

Duh. The OS is just remarkable. The only downside is that, there isn't a lot of support for drivers and others but that is changing though.

TriggerHappy3844d ago

Holy hell, really ? I would have never thou....

Everyone is an analysts these days.

jackdoe3844d ago

Well, considering the fact that Apple's OS works only with Apple Computers I don't think MS should be that worried. After all, like everyone else, I like to BUILD my OWN computer.

BrianC62343844d ago

Everything is a threat to Micro$oft. At least they act like it is. Now they're going to buy Apple or destroy them. The Micro$oft Way.

eagle213844d ago

And not that big a$$ table thing either! :)

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