Dead Rising 3 "definitely isn't a timed exclusive" for Xbox One, says Capcom

"We see a lot of this online. It's not coming to PS4 or PC." - Capcom via OXM.

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sobotz3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

There you have it. But I bet people will still saying "It will still timed-exclusive."

Muerte24943500d ago

how much you say it, it won't change the fact that Microsoft funded the development. This is the only reason why this game was even released at all. This is my only gripe with Microsoft. Instead of using that money to invest in some first party studios and new talent, you just buy exclusives. This tells me they're not as serious as Sony and Nintendo when it comes to games.

OFF TOPIC: I didn't know Naughty Dog was a SONY first party studio.

abzdine3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

they said the same about Lost Planet and Dead Rising on 360. We know what happened after.

I have no interest in this game, but for those who do, you will see this game will become multiplatform in a few months.

@Muerte2494: Naughty Dog is a Sony studio, and they're working on a PS4 game!! Last of Us 2? Uncharted 4? New IP? let's check it out at the VGAs.

Lost Planet
Dead Rising
Mass Effect

Do you want more? that's what's wrong with xbox fanboys, they believe everything they hear.. Reading between lines and learning from older facts are an art that isn't given to everyone apparently.

TheKingWilliamV3500d ago

I disagree with your statement respectfully another exclusive to Xbox One

Blaze9293500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


"you will see this game will become multiplatform in a few months."

lol because, "It's not coming to PS4 or PC." just isn't enough for you huh? I mean really, when you start to deny official statements and stick with conspiracies - something is wrong.

I suppose sobotz is right lmao

n4rc3500d ago

What difference does it make?

Either way.. They are funding game development.. Just because they dont need to own the studio makes no difference.

Every studio Sony owns to my knowledge was bought out at some point.. Ms could start buying up studios like candy.. But they just want games made.. And would it make any difference?


falviousuk3500d ago

What is the issues you have exactly with a company paying another company to make a game for them, than purchasing a studio and paying the staff wages to make a game for them.

The end result is both business practices involve both comapnies handing money over to have a game made.

Only in SONY fanboy land this is wrong. Except when Sony does it.

cityboy1003500d ago

Did you say Nintendo really???? Lol

Baka-akaB3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

You guys realise this is Capcom ? the kind of company that swears Resident evil 4 is going to stay a gamecube exclusive and then release a ps2 version ?

Good for fans if they keep their word this time , but i'm not holding my breath

green3500d ago

"This is the only reason why this game was even released at all. This is my only gripe with Microsoft. Instead of using that money to invest in some first party studios and new talent, you just buy exclusives. "

WTF!! sorry but i seriously fail to understand your logic. Investing in other studios to create content is a fantastic thing for the industry. WHo knows if we would have ever seen a sequel to Dead Rising 2 if not for Microsoft funding the development of this game. Same goes for Nintendo and Bayonetta.

I rather they fund a studio to make an exclusive which frees the studio to work on other projects when they are done than to buy the studio and have them work on only one IP for 10 years straight.

scofios3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


It won't change the fact the same thing was sayed about Bioshock 1 , Mass effect series, Ninja Gaiden series,and they ended all on playstation.only gears of war stayed exclusive.

Muerte24943500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

@N4rc and @Falviousuk

Because arguments like this would be mute. You would know with 100% certainty that these would remain exclusive. Mass Effect and Bioshock being prime example of "so-called" exclusives that found their way to Sony's PS3. And yes, I said Nintendo because even they bolster a larger first party than Microsoft.

LMAO this is why you need first party because Sony doesn't need to buy exclusives. Naughty Dog may have two GAMES of the Years (last of us, Uncharted 2). Sony have 14 internal studios. Santa Monica, Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, and Sony Japan all have their studios working in two teams.

But people need to understand that Dead Rising wasn't in the pipeline at Capcom. Microsoft took some of that 1billion, and funded development for DR3.

@Green you must lack comprehension skills. That's what I've been saying. Oh and the studio working on it is Capcom, so there goes your unfounded theory about buying them up.

buddymagoo3500d ago

I thought everyone was tired of zombies?

malokevi3500d ago

I would say that's open-and-shut.... I guess not everybody agrees.

In any case, who cares? Lots of games on both platforms. Though, I must say that this game does stand out as the only open-world exclusive launch title. With zeds, to boot.

It's officially at the top of my list. Did anyone catch the IGN Gamescom demo? Insanity... and real pretty, too.

gedden73500d ago

This guy is right! MS needs some more original IPs.. But hey if they ending up buying D R franchise that could be just as good.

christocolus3500d ago


You are so wrong. dead rising 1 was financed fully and published by ms and was never released elsewhere. Ms didn't publish lost planet capcom did. This deal is similar to what nintendo is doing with bayonetta 2. Its being financed fully by nintendo..and before some arrogant fanboys start arguing about ms not having in house titles remember many ms has been on a hiring spree for talented devs.many 1st party studios are yet to show their games...343,ms lift, lionhead, blackstusk , rare, ms osaka have multiple teams now and you still got good science, connected experiences, kinect labs, ms los angeles,ms victoria,twisted pixel,soho productions etc for 3rd party exclusives you still got epic, playground,ruffian,remedy,grou nd inc etc even platinum games and ninja theory are some studios rumored to be working on exclusives for get your facts right...Ms has changed everythin in just 3months..they have shown gamers many games and phil harrison has promised many more unannounced A A titles..its amazing how some sony fans try to downplay every positve ms article...

ma1asiah3499d ago

@ Abzdine

Lost Planet, Mass Effect and Bioshock were I'm pretty sure never touted as exclusive to the Xbox we just so happened to get them like a year or so before SONY did.

Along with:

Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Alone in The Dark etc

Though in some instances that had a lot to do with the PS3 releasing a year after the X360

The original Dead Rising however never came to SONY's PS3 at all. Dead Rising 2 was the first DR title to come to the PS3 and by the looks of things maybe the last DR title to be released on Playstation.

The ony reason I can't call the original DR an Xbox exclusive is I am pretty certain that the Wii got some type of remake of the game called Chop to you drop around 2009/10 though I am pretty certain it wasn't really the same game but a modified version without all the timed missions etc.

The original Mass Effect almost did stay an exclusive until umm was it last year when Bioware released a trilogy box set quite a few years after its original release that included the Original ME.

Come on bro settle down, since at E3 I am sure both Elders Scrolls Online and Kingdom Hearts were also originally announced as PS4 exclusives but ohhh well we all know how that turned out.

Personally when I find a game to be truly awesome then I actually prefer it not to be an exclusive as then everyone gets to experience the same thing. STILL having said that exclusives have their place and without them then it seriously would be hard to justify one console over another I guess.

Rainstorm813499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )


Mass effect

Lost Planet


Ninja Gaiden 2

Yea its right there clearly on the cases, MS does tout exclusivity and games eventually end up else where.

If the same happened with a Dead Rising 4 or Titanfall, i wouldnt be the least surprised

Oh BTW Kingdom Hearts 3 or Elder Scrolls Online was never touted as exclusives....Only FF14

Paytaa3499d ago

@abzdine Lost Planet, Dead Rising, and Bioshock were timed exclusives for the 360. Microsoft did not publish any of them. With Mass Effect, it was a first-party exclusive but EA bought Bioware which brought Mass Effect multi-platform. Dead Rising 3 is funded and published by Microsoft.

ma1asiah3499d ago

@ Rainstorm81

Ok I stand corrected. I'm man enough to accept when I am wrong.

Though to add a little clarity here

Mass Effect was released on the X360 in 2007

Mass Effect 2 which was the first MS title to come to the PS3 didn't appear until 2010

So back when ME first appeared well its only logical that it would be deemed an exclusive since at the time it wasn't playable anywhere else.

Same goes for Bioshock originally released on the X360 in 2007 and released a year later on the PS3

Like I said at the time it released it was an exclusive to the X360

Again the same can be said of Lost Planet released on X360 in 2006 first appears on PS3 in 2008

I don't know maybe MS was not aware that it was ever going to end up elsewhere who knows

As for the E3 announcement Ok my bad your right and I am wrong fair enough.

ALLWRONG3499d ago

Denial is strong here (In Master Yoda voice)

maniacmayhem3499d ago


That logic is so insane it had me laughing. So you rather this game not be released at all? Is this what you are saying?

And if I'm not mistaken MS does have first party studios working on games. Quantum Break and the Black Tusk game are just two games from their first party studio they are making.

But that is besides the point. I mean seriously, why can't MS fund exclusives and also have their first party make them too? Why is it that people around here are under this notion that a company has to do one or the other.

It really baffles me the way some think on this site.

trafalger3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

"Microsoft funded the development. This is the only reason why this game was even released at all. This is my only gripe with Microsoft. Instead of using that money to invest in some first party studios and new talent, you just buy exclusives. This tells me they're not as serious as Sony and Nintendo when it comes to games."

tell us how you really feel. last i heard people play games to enjoy them, no matter where the funding came from.

is this really how bad fanboys are now, arguing about how the game got funded and by who? bayonetta 2 on the wii u is going this same route. did anyone notice the pub fund sony created for indie developers? it means sony will help fund the project and in return they mandate timed or full exclusivity.

"The Pub Fund itself is an interesting sort of creativity incubator. Sony basically gives developers royalties up front so that they can fund their games. In return, Sony gets either full exclusivity or timed exclusivity. They don’t own the developer and they only work from one game to the next, avoiding any long-term contracts."

you guys really need to get a grip on reality. arguing over this crap is just silly. dead rising 3 looks like fun, that's all that should matter.

LightningMokey3499d ago

I though Naughty Dog was Second Party?

gaffyh3499d ago

Naughty Dog has been first party for like 16 years, since the first Crash Bandicoot launched on PS1.

I can't believe people don't know that.

kreate3498d ago


"And if I'm not mistaken MS does have first party studios working on games. Quantum Break and the Black Tusk game are just two games from their first party studio they are making"

hey i did a bit of research and i didnt find any info about quantum break being made by a first party studio.

the company remedy entertainment is a privately owned and operated company.

here is 1 link:
or u can go straight to their website.

quantum break is published by microsoft but the company itself is a 3rd party company.

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golding893500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Lol. yikes. lots of people won't be happy about this...

Well i guess if you want to play the game. get yourself an xbox one.

gravv3500d ago

lol i dont give a f*ck about this garbage, who want to spend 60$ on this shitt* game.. just look at the scores the series got @ metacritics, last game 79 lol and it's a capcom game i dont even remember the last they make high scoring games...
SONY gamers dont have worry they know what's coming from naughty dogs, media molecule, santa monica, sucker punch, quantic dreams, etc

HammadTheBeast3500d ago

Well, soon we'll see the same for Deep Down.

People are so mad these days sadly.


Your avatar gives me hope.

piroh3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

well if i remember correctly, back in the day i saw "only for GameCube" logo on Resident Evil 4 GC version. same developer - Capcom
just google it up

Fireseed3500d ago


Dear god, for the sake of humanity I hope you're trolling.

T23499d ago

Honestly dr3 could be fun but dr2 sold 1.4 million ... That is not a system selling AAA game ... Hell I expect knack to sell 1 million .... Ppl saying how great it is for xbox are reaching ....UNless theres nothing better to buy and thats an even bigger problem

3499d ago
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JunioRS1013500d ago

I was reeeeally hoping this was a timed exclusive lol DAMN YOU CAPCOM!

B-radical3500d ago

I called it ages ago but people still disagreed with me

NewZealander3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

trust me it will come to PS4, im no fanboy but i do prefer xbox, and with that said we have all seen this before, just look at mass effect.

all capcom need to do is remix and re release on PS4 under a different title, seen it many times in the past, never believe MS when they say a third party game is exclusive, because more often then not its a half truth at best.

gedden73500d ago

Yup you right ME included!!! LMAO

I sure it will be and or have a director cut addition or some other version going to the PS4..

PFFT3499d ago

NOPE! Youll have to wait for Dead Rising 4 to get that DR fix.

RyanShutup3500d ago

It more than likely will become multiplat, all they have to do is make some changes, include some dlc and amend the title (ie DeadRising3: The Last Stand). Same thing happened with Ninja Gaiden3: Razors Edge for the wiiU. At that point it's legally not the same game that shipped for Xbox One.

FamilyGuy3500d ago

Naw, I believe em, seems like the Bayonetta 2 type of deal where it's fully funded by a hardware maker for true exclusivity.

There's always ways to get around stuff like this though, think Ninja Gaidan vs Ninja Gaidan Sigma. I don't care either way, never played the game and the videos I've seen never really caught my interest.

Infamous23500d ago

Well if I remember correctly Masseffect said the same $hit LOL.

Mounce3499d ago

Just like when Rockstar said the DLC belongs to Xbox 360.

Thennnn it went on PS3 titled Episodes of Liberty City and contained both DLC that Microsoft paid $50 Million for :P

Same for the Mass Effect series.

I mean, I don't want to be rude, and I'm not trolling, literally.....but don't ever say 'Never', this IS Capcom we're talking about. They went so far as to get extra money that they're the developers who ported RE4 to nearly every named console out right now, even iPad....they're the developers who released a 3DS game on current-gen consoles and PC when it was a handheld.

Capcom doesn't know the word Exclusive.

StoutBEER3499d ago

@falviosk Dude Xbox One for me, but its not ONLY Sony fanboys its fanboys in general. But to be fair the Sony fanboys are seeming to be the worst right now. Not Sony fans!!!!! Sony FANBOYS. So before i get a shit ton of disagrees for saying anything negative Sony related read the comment before shitting in my ears.

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zeal0us3500d ago

MS must've paid Capcom a lot of money to keep DR3 from going multiplatform.

sobotz3500d ago

DR1 is exclusive to 360, it won't be a surprise.

coolbeans3500d ago

Well...kinda/sorta exclusive. The Wii did "get" DR1 as well, but it so fails to capture what the game is all about that videogame historians are probably going to white it out anyway. :P

PFFT3499d ago

Yeah BUT the version the Wii got was nothing like Dead Rising. It was an Abomination that sported the name Chop till you drop.

Blaze9293500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

From what i heard and read Capcom wasn't even interested in making a new Dead Rising but Microsoft was willing to fund and publish the game which is why Dead Rising 3 will be exclusive to the X1. Has nothing to do with keeping it from going multiplatform, it's literally their game.

I'd like to know what *** you all keep pulling assumptions out of.

Minato-Namikaze3500d ago

Capcom still owns the IP, Always a way to get around the contract. But still i'm not a DR fan any way.

christocolus3500d ago

sony fans obviously do not understand this... The first dead rising was same thing but the 2nd wasn't funded or publishd by ms so it went multiplatform.Ms got loads of cash something other companies could only dream abt. Cost of developing games is on the rise and ms uses this to their advantage..its called would too if they had such cash.i won't be shocked if ms announced a major buy out far I've been hearing partnerships even from japan studios..after all before the original xbox launched ms actually offered nintendo billions of dollars to aquire them but Nintendos founder turned it down.. and Ms hasn't even started marketing hype yet...its good to be can take risks that others can't.

demonddel3500d ago

If a game M$ pay for goes multiplatform the publisher would have to buy M$ out or M$ will receive royalties from every sale from the other platforms see Fanboys think M$ is a dumb company think again

MrSwankSinatra3500d ago

its like i've been saying
Dead Rising 3 - Xbox Exclusive
Monster Hunter 4 - Nintendo Exclusive
Deep Down - PlayStation Exclusive.

it's pretty obvious that crapcom has exclusive partnerships with each major console maker.

Mr-Dude3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I think you are right... Each platform their own exclusive. Hoping on some new footage from Deepdown on the TGS

MrSwankSinatra3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

crapcom already confirmed that deep down will be playable at TGS. so your hope is now a reality lol

BallsEye3500d ago

Deep down ain't exclusive.

"we asked Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono on Twitter whether the game would become multiplatform.

“I cant answer about it at the moment,” he responded."

If he cant respond to it at the moment, pretty sure it's not exclusive. Maybe Sony makes then hide from us that there are other versions coming.

MrSwankSinatra3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

it's called a "Non Disclosure Agreement" since when do 3rd party gaming companies answer direct questions when a game is first announced an especially in regards to exclusivity? almost never these days. in deep down's case there is barely info on it for that matter an it's not going public until october at the tokyo game show. so in actuality your assumption is baseless.

BallsEye3500d ago


If he can't answer if DD is an exclusive it's pretty obvious they don't have full exclusivity deal with Sony. You want it or not that's the way it is. If such words would come out from CRYTEK about RYSE you'd assume it's not an exclusive. BTW why are you defending the exclusivity so much? It looks like a great game, more power to it if it's multiplatform! You guys are like it would be sharing your girlfriends.

MrSwankSinatra3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

i made one comment to argue your whole theory and yet i'm apparently defending exclusivity too much? okay buddy lol...... you lost any credibility in your argument when you tried to go the whole fanboy route at the end there.

Gameratheart3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Capcom should call it deapthroat, because that's what these Sony fanboys do to Sony.... I play on ps3-x360-wiiu, and have the ps4 paid for.... And i dont defend any company, because i just play games... These fanboys are disgraceful, embarrassing, and a blight on the gaming community.... Just disappear already.

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3500d ago
ElementX3500d ago

Well there you have it! I have it preordered with my One console. I have killzone preordered with my ps4. There are just too many games. I can't afford any more!

Marked3499d ago

"I cant afford any more"

I would try canceling $550 preorder and investing it in more games. :P