5 Reasons to Say Yes to Macs, When Your Company Says No

Sometimes, IT leaders are told that the company runs Windows, period. But that doesn't stop them from wishing for the forbidden fruit: One CIO explains why he'd like to bring Apple to his enterprise.

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Shadow Flare3844d ago

I think this is the main reason why Windows has the majority marketshare. All companies just stick with windows. Its their default. And they think its too much bother to change OS. Sigh...there are better OS's out there people

decapitator3844d ago

Yup. Most companies are like the 'old' and are unwilling to try anything new.

NRG3844d ago

Everyone using Windows is obviously some fat guy in a suit getting worked up over spreadsheets... a lot like those accurate commercials.

(sentimental sigh)

MaximusPrime3844d ago

i wouldnt mind trying Mac OS. It seems to become popular now.

Adamalicious3844d ago

It can take a little getting used to if you've been using Windows for years and years, but it's like a breath of fresh air. Time Machine rules.

MorganX3844d ago

This guy is clearly a paper tiger. There are many, many reasons the Mac is inappropriate for the enterprise. From Scalable Directory services to GPOs, OEM availability and pricing ... etc., etc., ...

GiantEnemyCrab3844d ago

for actually talking some sense. A bunch of people who sync their iPODS on their Mac's suddenly think they know what the backend of a major companies IT systems look like.

As an IT Manager, if you want a Mac as a client then sure but for the backend you can forget it!

Adamalicious3844d ago

When I started at my company there were zero Macs - now more than a third of us, some in every department, are using MacBooks.

PS3n3603844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

We run Mac Pro's some with boot camp to run autocad and others use OSX for adobe suite. everything runs smooth and the office looks damn sexy with all the aluminum towers everywhere. the setup is expensive as hell but in an architecture firm it works very well. I was so impressed with OSX that I sold my hp laptop for $150 and got two macbook pro's for my wife and myself. We have been in virusless bliss for the last year, these things really do work better than windows machines. You lose some control but once you give in to the machine your productivity goes way up. I used to hate on Macs all the time, not anymore.

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