MGS4 on the Xbox 360?

The cover of December's issue of EGM clearly says "Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360?". Could this be the final blow to the major exclusives PS3 has over the Xbox?

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gnothe14464d ago

if that really happend, that would just kill sony, talk about letting air out of their sail.Ps3 fans will no longer be able to say we have MGS4,FF, etc.the only thing they have left is GT HD an god or war!!

specialguest4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

we all know that Sony won't allow this to happen. Sony only has a handful of powerhouse exclusives and they won't let it go. if Konami wants to be a rebel and MGS does get made for the 360 and is released the same time as the PS3 version, then that will indeed be the final blow. i think a realistic worst case scenario would be a timed exclusive.

also, remember this article:

it's confirmation that it won't be ported, but only time will determine whether this confirmation is absolute.

TheMART4464d ago

Well, wasn't everyone thinking Sony wouldn't let GTA also happen?

Or what about XBOX already got some MGS in the past?

Thugbot1874464d ago

At the current time even if Sony wanted to stop Microsoft from acquiring MGS4, they couldn’t. To do so would take funding and currently Sony is deep in the red. Playing who’s pocket is deeper isn’t a wise move for Sony. Expect MS to try and get it. At most it will be a time exclusive.

FadeToBlack4464d ago

Considering how much money Microsoft has and continues to make. Meanwhile sony is losing money and is on the verge of going bankrupt, take a look at their latest stock quotes. Can sony really pay enough money to stop developers from profitting from sales on both platforms? They would sell twice as many copies if it wasnt exclussive, I can imagine it must be pretty expensive. Why do you think MS has bought so many develops out? Which is the reason they have so many great games comming. PS fanboys can flame me all you want but I only state the truth. Sony will dump more money into bluray than it will ps3 games because thats gonna make them or break them.

m234464d ago

that would be pretty sick, if it actually happened. kojima said it was possible but he said no, maybe he changed his mind

gnothe14464d ago

is in it for the money(check this out)
(MS)mr.kojima you know were trying to make an impact in japan.

(Mr.Kojima)I know your doing an ok job but what dose this have to do with me

(MS)we need MGS4 on our system, what will it take to make this happen!!

(MR.Kojima) oh!!(thinks to himself, I got'em)well give us about 300 million in cash up front, an well release them on the same day

(MS) consider it done, who to make the check out to!!

an anyony who thinks this cant happen is crazy.dont get me wrong I dont believe this YET, but it could happen!!

oh yeah theMart whats up man hit me up on xboxlive Gno the 1

dantesparda4463d ago

Ah man thats rich, you're funny

kingboy4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

lol why wouldn`t it happend?have to wait untill 2008 my friends just like he did for metal gear 2 on xbox. Take a look at all 3 consoles, now tell me which is more balance? Action adventure,sports, FPS ,! end of sony my foot.We still wating on Socom,God of war,Grant tourismo,Jax and dexter, Sly cooper, i mean ,the big guns haven`t even been anounced yet..

TheMART4464d ago

Well there is one difference. MGS got on the XBOX one way or another.

Halo will never make it to the PS though. Gears of War will never make it to the PS.

And that's the way 360 has real exclusives and PS systems seem to have not.

Which one is in balance? 360 is. Which one has the most exciting exclusives? 360 does. Now there you're questions are answered!

Which big guns that haven't been announced? Still dreaming? Still believing in overpromissing & underdelivering Sony? Still enjoying the 1,5 year old Killzone 2/3 CGI material?

The big guns are here.

Gears of War
Forza 2
Lost Planet
Viva Piniata
Blue Dragon
Lost Oddyssey
Halo 3
Halo Wars

And soon MGS4 on 360? Stop defending till death. So many exclusives already gone for PS, and 360 does such a great job of gaining many. The titles you're mentioning are not half as big as the ones in this post.

It doesn't matter if this would give a deathblow to Sony. It's like a metafor for what is going on already for some time and will remain for the coming time. MS has the money to burn on getting more and more games and people to jump in. Sony only makes loss and can't invest that much

andy capps4464d ago

MGS4 may be ported later, much later, but it will not be released at the same time as the PS3. You can bet on that. Kojima is very loyal to Sony, the first teasers were talking about how great the PS3 and Cell was. No way..

If you want to talk about exclusives, Sony has Lair, Motorstorm, Resistance: FOM, Virtua Fighter 5, Formula One series, Gran Turismo Series, Devil May Cry Series, Kingdom Heart Series, Final Fantasy Series, Warhawk, new iterations of God of War (3 possibly?), new games from the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Collossus, new Ratchet and Clank Game, untitled Naughty Dog game that looks freakin awesome, Tekken 6, Heavenly Sword, Killzone PS3, Monster Kingdom, Dragon Quest series, Jak and Daxter, Soulcalibur, The Getaway, Eight Days, probably hundreds of RPGS's, and many more that won't be announced until after launch.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch, Sony has had overwhelming third party support for 10 years, that will continue this time and more games will be announced as time goes on. A lot of the games on your list weren't known until after launch.

Norad64463d ago

you forgot Assassin's Creed. :)

andy capps4463d ago

For the 7 people that disagree with me (right now), tell me why you disagree. If you really disagree, at least back it up.

BlackCountryBob4463d ago

With all respect Andy Capps, 100million people dont buy a console for Soul Calibur, The Getaway and Formula 1 games! MGS, GTA, Halo, GOW, Zelda and FF shift consoles, the others just pad out collections! At the mo I think it is quite apparent that the 360 has the more impressive looking games for release over the following 12 months but once Sony start showing off some of some of the second and third year titles it could all change but there is a lot of hate going to Sony at the moment so whatever games they show they are gonna need to be much more impressive than anything from M$ just to justify the price!

andy capps4462d ago

If anyone buys a system for only one game, they're an idiot. I was only showing the known exclusives that PS3 has. Xbox 360 has some good ones that are known about, but most were not known prior to launch. I'm just saying that there are exclusives out there for PS3 that have probably not been announced yet. I know that the Getaway is not going to be a huge system seller, but I was just mentioning the exclusives. Now Formula 1, I'd beg to disagree with you on that. It's looking fantastic so far and will probably sell quite a few copies in Europe and the US. For me, it looks like something I'll download the demo for and see if it's worth me spending $60 for. Then again, I'm very picky on what games I buy and which ones I rent. :) Soul Calibur was actually a huge game on the PS2, so that's why I included the future iteration as being a big exclusive.

BlackCountryBob4459d ago

Thing is though, lots of people buy consoles based on one game, look at the numbers of how many more consoles are sold the week of a release of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, GTA, Halo, MGS, G Turismo etc, its stupid to me too but its the killer ap, thats what they are meant to do! F1 isn't a killer app and never will be, same for Soul Calibur! I do see what you are saying about how many exclusives for the PS3 there are (not many to my taste though I gotta admit I would love something like motorstorm on the 360) but all I am saying is the PS3 games look nice but there isn't anything jumping off the page and saying I must own this console to play that game but to me atleast there are a few on the 360! I guess its just personal choice, it takes every kind of people!

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