The Elder Scrolls Online Won't Be F2P, Requires Monthly Subscription

"ZeniMax Online general director, Matt Firor, has confirmed that a monthly rate will need to be paid in order to play The Elder Scrolls Online. It had previously been speculated that the studio’s upcoming MMO would be F2P."

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sobotz3509d ago

I prefer buy2play like Guild Wars though

MizTv3509d ago

Well looks like a pass for me then

Anthotis3509d ago


RIP Elder Scrolls Online

mewhy323508d ago

I agree RIP Elder Scrolls Online. I'll play the beta on my PS4 but after that I'm done.

SatanSki3508d ago

Same here. Benn there done that. No way i'll pay subscription for this outdated crap.

Mystogan3508d ago

Yep i pass. It looked decent though but I will never ever pay a monthly fee to play a game..NEVER!

Subscription based MMO's are so 2007.

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Bigpappy3509d ago

Elder Scrolls is my favorite series, but I am sorry. I am not paying monthly to play. I just don't do that.

BallsEye3509d ago

Pass. No way it's worth the subscription when games like GW2 are B2P.

They will probably keep people paying for few months and then introduce f2p plans.

p2p won't work on consoles cause of PSN+ and XBL.

KrisButtar3508d ago

Who says there are going to be behind the PS+ or XBL paywall.

Even with all the MMOs announced on the PS4 none have been behind a PS+ paywall yet

Mystogan3508d ago

Its not about PS+ or Xgold. It's more about paying monthly to play a game. That doesn't work for me on console nor PC. I am never going to pay a monthly fee just to play a game. They can go f*ck themselves. The game looked good though.

BallsEye3508d ago


It's not really about paywall. If i'd be paying few bucks a month for PSN+ or XBL I don't want to pay also MMO subscription. Sure I can play that MMO abd subscribe withought XBLG or PSN+ but then I can't play any other games except that mmo. So I'd rather spend my money on GOLD or PSN+.

modesign3508d ago

i prefer free to play and free to own like planetside 2.

SITH3508d ago

Only reason I play it. They make plenty enough money off in game purchases which 90% of them can be acquired from gameplay.

SpadeX3508d ago

Not F2P but one-time payment just like Guild Wars 2, trust me, you don't wanna own a free MMO game like League of Legends.

ATi_Elite3508d ago

I think going the SUb route is the best for ESO.

with the SUBscription route they better have balanced gameplay and a lot of updates.

F2P leads to a lot of generic gameplay in many MMORPG's

Sure Star Wars The Old Republic had a Subscription then went F2P but that game was Generic from the very start.

If ESO blows then it will be F2P in 8 months and maybe then will get enough gamers to survive.

I'm not interested in it cause it's Guild Wars 2 and Tera Online 4 Life!

Eizhale3508d ago

Preorder cancelled, Will just keep playing Guild Wars 2...they did it right!

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zeal0us3509d ago

Oh well guess I'll be waiting till ends up biting them in the butt. Honestly they should just done B2P with optional subscription fee.

Raf1k13509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Optional subscription fee will likely mean perks for those who subscribe which I'm not keen on. Either go for a full subscription model or a full B2P model.

I don't mind subscriptions for MMOs as long as it's worth it but I do prefer B2P games like Guild Wars 2.

edit: I've personally not seen anything about this game that makes me think it'll be worth subscribing to for more than a month.

zeal0us3509d ago

Tera is F2P with optional subscription fee. The subscription perks were pretty good but most importantly they didn't make the player OP.

With the rise of new consoles I honestly don't this game will last long being P2P. Not only that but some of the hardcore TES players don't seem to find this MMO worthwhile.

Raf1k13509d ago

Yeh I have the same feeling about this game. It doesn't look like it'll stay subscription based for very long.

I think the game looks somewhat mediocre to be honest. I'm finding it difficult to like it.

I'll keep an eye on it though to see how it develops and probably try it if it goes F2P.

ripper_roo3509d ago

Would have preferred buy-to-play.

With sub-based MMOs I usually play flat-out for a month and then abandon it altogether (WOW being the exception).

Wizziokid3509d ago

As interested as I am in the game the stuff they have shown so far isn't good enough for me to pay monthly.

spaceg0st3508d ago

Agreed. It looks too outdated for p2p.

Excalibur3509d ago

I'll wait for the free version.

zeal0us3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

You will probably waiting 6-8months after it releases then but I'm pretty sure that PS4 you per-ordered will keep you busy.

Excalibur3509d ago

Ok, I'm a patient man, I can wait.