Famitsu Boss: New DS Revealed At E3 08

According to the President of Enterbrain, (Famitsu parent company) there is a chance a new Nintendo DS model will be revealed at E3 2008.

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PS360WII3844d ago

Oh snap that would be nuts!

bootsielon3844d ago

I already got my Limited Zelda edition DS Lite, why come up with a new, perhaps better one? Maybe it's a micro DS lite.

v1c1ous3844d ago

new nintendo ds model outsells all other consoles combined by 3 times the amount in japan

Frnicatr3844d ago

I can see that happening.

qohelet3844d ago

what we can expect is this turns out to be true :
-better battery life
-thinner/lighter case
-wider screens
-new colors

i don't see any major change coming for the ds as it still sells very well, just a little cosmetic makeover to make it sexy again for the japanese consumer and keep it on top...

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