The New Batch of Tales of Xillia DLC Costumes Features Other Tales Games and IdolMaster

AbyssalChronicles: "Today is the promised date of the new batch of Tales of Xillia DLC costumes, and if you'll head over to the PlayStation Network Store, you'll find the new additions: Tales of Series Cameo Costumes for the whole cast and [email protected] Costumes for Milla, Leia and Elize."

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vishmarx1938d ago

already spent $26
im such a fanboy

izumo_lee1938d ago

Same as well! Bought every costume for the game so far....Namco Bandai did say they will judge support of this game to see if more localization will happen, so just doing my part.

Also does that mean that Idolmaster will be localized as well....hmmmm Namco Bandai?

vishmarx1938d ago

also these costumes work with xillia 2 ...
btw ...
kratos aurion costume is sooo badass

Dagobert1938d ago

I did my part by buying two collectors edition. Honestly after spending 220$ after tax, I doubt I could spend another dollar on a DLC.

Squall50051938d ago Show
Squall50051938d ago

This game is awesome but fuck spending any cash on these over-priced costumes. The game's barely been out a week and Namco throw this shit around like it's a good thing. Fucking shit should already be in the damn game. Fuck all you sheep that throw your money at Namco for this bullshit. You are the reason they keep doing this to us.

Inception1938d ago

Don't buy it than. I don't understand why you must rage and drop the f-bomb if you don't want the costume.

Dagobert1938d ago

Personally I don't like DLC's which is why I don't buy them unless it's something that's included with a pre-order. I miss the old days of beating a game and unlocking stuff instead of paying for it now.

Chaos_Raiden1938d ago

Thanks for the info. Might buy some of the DLC costumes.